Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Word Count Wednesday

Hello, my fine bloggy friends.  Why am I so happy today you ask?  Because I added just over 14,000 words to my manuscript and I'm *thisclose* to writing those magic words THE END.  I am so very happy because I love this story and getting over that hump made all the difference.  The muse has been very kind to me this past week.

How did you do this week?


Rebecca H. Jamison said...

That is awesome. I'm really happy for you, Julie.

Me? I finished my rewrite, and I need a break before I dive back into my wip. I'm doing some bloggy stuff, marketing, and housecleaning. Maybe I'll have a word count next week . . . or the next. Can you tell I got a little burned out?

Debra Erfert said...

I wrote over 4K this week, but I don't consider this too bad. I'm at a delicate part of disclosing more clues to the villain's background and other victims that may lie hidden--somewhere. I'm over halfway through the book, but I can see the path to the end, and I've outlined the final climax. I'm really tempted to just write that today because it's so vivid in my mind, almost like I've seen it on television, and I don't want to lose that intensity by writing the stuff that leads up to it. Has that ever happened to you--skipping ahead to scenes that plague your thoughts? Or do you write in order?

I also turned in my last chapters of edits this morning (I got the last 30 pages yesterday afternoon). Hopefully my changes/comments will be taken in consideration. The final edits are getting closer.

Jon Spell said...

Including the impressive 243 words I did in a 30 minute writing stint on #writeclub last Friday, I am up about 700 words total. Very, very close to hitting the magical 20,000 mark. (But still revising) I had a whole section I needed to re-write because the first time through, someone got shot in the leg, so I needed to improvise a crutch, but the arm is what I had intended, so I needed to make it a sling instead and then re-write sections about how the injury slowed the party down.

Also, trying to flesh out some details, bring out character traits and background in a natural way.

Strange formatting question: if I have an interlude (a bit of story not from the main character's point of view), can I just put a heading of "Interlude", or does it need a number, suggesting there will be more than one (I think there will be) or do I make it a chapter with some kind of signal to the reader?

P.S. I finally finished the Notebook. What an odd book. I've never seen such weak conflict and even weaker resolution of the conflict. And then the end, in the nursing home... so very difficult to read.

A little bit of a failed experiment, too, in that the story is written almost entirely from Noah's perspective (except for the letters), so it's a male author writing a romance from a man's perspective. Anyone know of a male romance author who writes with a female lead? (and does it well?)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Rebecca, that's awesome you finished your rewrite. Sounds like you need some downtime before you dive back in. :)

Debra, I have written scenes out of order because I'm afraid I'll forget the awesomeness if I don't. You should totally write it!

Jon, I'm not sure what you mean by interlude. Whose POV are we in? That might be a way to tell how to treat it. And I can't think of a male romance author who writes with a female lead and does it well. Hmmm...I'll think harder.

Charlie Moore said...

A pretty good week or so for me. I wrote close to 6500 words and just passed 50,000.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Charlie, that is AMAZING! Congratulations!