Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Castle, Hawaii Five-O, and BYU Basketball

Talk about divided loyalties!  My BYU team was playing the last five minutes of their second-round NIT tournament game against Mercer and it's time for my shows.  What do I watch?  Finish the game?  Castle?  Hawaii Five-O?

What would you do if you had five of your sons sitting on the couch glued to the game?  Yeah.  We finished the game.  But, as soon as BYU won we turned it to Castle.  Thank goodness for DVR, that's all I can say.

Castle was really an ensemble show last night.  We had the Beckett/Castle thing of her wanting to know who Jordan was and it really signified a lot about their relationship with his reluctance to talk about it, her wanting to know, subtly digging down to that next level of "them."  When he finally tells her, it is such a good scene, although I'm really ready for "I love you," instead of this "I like you."  After so many years together and everything they've been through, I like you seems flat at this point.

The star of the episode was Ryan.  His undercover self was so opposite of how he usually comes across it surprised me.  The situation reminded me a bit of a 24 ep I watched once, it was so tense.  I loved Siobhan's reaction to seeing him and how it played out with his wife.  So, so good.  And the ending between them was perfection.  Although I still don't think purple is Ryan's color.  The funniest moment, though, was when Ryan calls out his crew and there's Castle peeking around the corner.  "Really? I forgot my vest."  Seamus Dever, the guy who plays Ryan tweeted that Nathan Fillion had ad-libbed that, which makes it even funnier.  There is just something magical about this cast.  Love them.

Hawaii Five-O had some really great moments, but overall it wasn't my favorite episode (It needed more McRoll).  The look on Kamekona's face when Catherine walked in was funny, the shipping container dropped on the bad guy, and the "book 'em Kono."  All really well done.  Even the Magnum P.I. a capella singing was good, but only because of Danny's reaction.  I didn't really like the carguments this time.  There is such a fine line between Danny whining and Steve looking indulgent during the whining, and a true banter.  Last night felt a bit more like whining.  But the best part of all was all the great scenery shots.  Seriously, watching them actually made me look up airfare to Hawaii.  Someday . . .

What did you watch last night?  Are you watching any March Madness or NIT games?

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Debra Erfert said...

I told a boy once that I liked him. Those words hurt him so deeply that he never spoke to me again. What? I was supposed to be in love at 16? No! But when you're a grown adult and have been in a relationship for as long as Castle and Kate, like doesn't cut it. Grow up!!!

Nathan Fillion is a naturally funny guy anyway. Didn't you know that? A sourpuss can't be funny. No way. Love him...