Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hawaii Five-O--Poor Chin Ho

Since I hadn't seen the first showing of last night's repeat of Hawaii Five-O, I was glad they'd given it another run.  It was tense with Chin getting kidnapped by a creepy Baldwin brother.  Although the first scene was awesome with both Danny and Steve punching the Baldwin brother in the face.  Who hasn't wanted to do that a time or two?

Then we have our Romeo and Juliet romance with Kono and her bad boy boyfriend.  You knew it was going to come down to that---where she sneaks around to see what nefarious things he's really up to, even though he's claiming to go legit.  I can already see this is going to end badly.

Poor Chin waking up in prison.  I think that would be a recurring nightmare for a cop.  Holy cow, though, when Chin is thrown into that laundry room and that ginormous prisoner/crooked cop walked in?  Edge of my seat right there.  But, we have our resident cooperative jailbird to the rescue.  I love them working together.  Sang Min is so funny and gets a lot of great lines.

The prison riot was awesome/horrible.  The look on Steve's face when he realizes Chin is in the prison was really well done.  He knows he has to get Chin out of there fast or he's a dead man.  And Steve McGarrett hates feeling helpless.  (His concern for Kono and not giving up on Chin was awww-worthy.) The whole tone was spot-on with everyone wanting to help Chin, but knowing he's on his own.  Loved it.  And the showdown with Kaleo?  Wow.

Although I have to say it was more than unrealistic that the three of them could go up against a prison riot like they did.  And Chin only wanted to save the cute nurse?  What about the guards?  I guess you can't save/help everyone.  I did like that Sang Min got away.  He is an interesting character for sure.

Lots of action, lots of great lines, and a happy ending.  Something for everyone, right?

What did you watch last night?


Debra Allen Erfert said...

I wrote 8 pages on my WIP yesterday. I know the TV was on, but I really wasn't paying attention to it. Sometimes I just let it play in the background while I live in my own little world which is my story.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, you put me to shame. I should be working on my story, too. But Hawaii draws me every week. I can't resist its siren call! I'm weak, I know. *sigh*

Jon Spell said...

I watched the "good" wife. I wish I'd known THAT episode of H50 was on, because I missed it due to the Superbowl going waaaaay over (blackout)

I, too, continue to chip away on my WIP. Neither one of my critique partners has written back with stuff for me to critique, so I guess all I can do is write.
/le passive aggressive sigh