Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Up Waaaay Too Late---Word Count Wednesday

So, here I am, up way too late working on the edits for my new book.  I am so stoked about this book (does anyone say stoked anymore?)  My son is home and we're catching him up on Castle at the same time, so, you know, it's a party.

Earlier this evening (welp, it's after midnight, so yesterday) I went to my son's spring recital and while I was sitting there waiting for it to start I thought of a secondary storyline I could add to the book that would really give it some depth and flesh out a main character.  Can I just tell you how motivating that is?  I could hardly wait to get home and get my hands on a keyboard.  My word count this week is awesome (about 4000 words) and I'm going to be working on it again later today (after I've slept and you know, make sense again because when I'm tired, well, sometimes it isn't pretty.  Haha!)

Here's some music that was keeping me awake tonight (this morning) and focused.  No laughing.

I picked this one because I want to dance as good as this guy and it has a great beat.

And don't worry, this one is the super clean version.  And I turned it up LOUD.

How did you do this week?  And what's been on your writing playlist?


mooderino said...

Now that's diverse taste in music.

Debra Erfert said...

My younger son and his bride danced to Panjabi at both of their wedding receptions two years ago. I did too! Try to picture that without laughing--I dare you.

I've written 3648 words on Relative Evil this week, not counting the editing I've done on my someday to be released novel "Fire Setters." Last date I heard, June--maybe. *sighs loudly*

Charlie Moore said...

Including this morning I've written 1500 or so words. Feels good to be nearing the end of Destination Zion. Looks like it will end up between 55,000 to 57,000 words. Third week in a row with decent word count.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Mooderino, I know. It was late. That's my excuse. :)

Debra, that's awesome! And I smiled, just a bit. And yay for a maybe date. It's better than no date at all. :0

Charlie you are on a roll! I hope you keep going.