Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where Have I Been All Day & A Castle/Hawaii Five-O Review

Well, it's much later than I normally post, but that's because I have been showing my friend from back East all the beauties of Utah.  It has been a wonderful day, full of canyons, gardens, hiking, and an incredible Thai food restaurant experience to finish it off.  (Okay, well we're about to go on a shake run so it's not quite over yet.  But still.)

I did not forget my blog peeps, I promise.  I was so happy with last night's shows.

Hawaii Five-O had it all last night.  Funny McDanno banter, Steve in the water, a good mystery that kept me guessing (I thought it was the sister) and a great ending.  (Even the previews were good although I still think the mom thing might be going a little over the top.  I guess we'll see.)

Starting off with Danny and Steve fishing was brilliant.  Catching a "tunie" was funny and they were obviously enjoying themselves.  The boatjacking was unexpected and having Danny in that dinghy was hilarious.  He did start to sound whiny after that, though, and I was worried we'd have to watch an hour of whining, but thankfully we didn't.  I have to say my heart started to beat a little faster when Steve was in the water and Danny sees the shark.  Swim Steve, swim!  Loved how Catherine was worried, and how Chin and Kono were still working on their relationship and how it's going with Adam and his job/relationship with Kono.  Loved how Kono took the bad guy down.  All in all, it was a win for H50 last night.

Castle was so cute!  His mother's Jedi mind tricks made me laugh, the "handshake" made me sigh, and his scenes with his daughter were so adorable.  Seriously.  Last night was all win.  I loved the beginning with the message in blood.  It looked like "LIE" and he was saying how maybe she was making a grammar mistake and meant "LAY."  I laughed hard at that one, mostly because every author I know has struggled with the lay/lie rule.  I love how hard it's becoming for Beckett and Castle to keep the secret and how dang cute they are together.  We've waited so long for Caskett to be together and so far it hasn't disappointed.  I must say I did laugh when Castle made some inroads with the captain that were immediately shut down when he broke her ugly doll.  Poor Castle.  Seriously can't wait to see where they go with next week's show.

I was saying to my friend today that I always pick TV couples who are doomed to never be together or the fans never get any payoff.  Caskett is my only pairing that seems to be doing well and I think I'm just going to bask in all its goodness right now.

Are you a fan of TV pairings that go well?  Or are you like me, and choose badly.  (I'm channeling that knight in the Indiana Jones movie.  You know the one, right?)


Debra Allen Erfert said...

Oh! My! Heck! Julie, you've given them the moniker of of the last resting place of dead people? They are so totally dooooomed!!! I love this couple. They are so adorable together. The handcaress? (It certainly couldn't be considered a handshake.) Precious! Let's hope the writers can make their ending a happy one. Maybe they'll even have a secret marriage for a while. That would be a kicker!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, I was so confused for a minute, but I didn't give them the name of Caskett, it's their couple fan name. I didn't like it at first, but it's grown on me. I hope it doesn't end badly because of the name.

I agree with everything you said, that hand caress was so sighworthy and I love them together. They deserve the happy ending. *le sigh*