Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Castle Totally Rocked It Last Night!

Holy moly, did you SEE Castle last night?  One of the best episodes I've seen.  As soon as Esposito found Castle's fingerprints at the crime scene, my stomach sank.  He seemed so suspicious and I was thinking, "don't you know him better than that by now?" Of course, they were just doing their jobs yet it was tough to watch.  But Espo's reaction was nothing compared to Kate's.  The look on her face when they find that evidence in Castle's loft was absolutely amazing.  Stana Katic has such an expressive face and she uses it well.  Her breakdown with Lanie after the emails came to light about Castle's supposed "affair" with the murder victim was award-worthy.  Really well done and I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going on.

Nathan Fillion was no slouch either.  The look on his face when the 3XK killer comes into the holding area was pretty much mirroring the shock and surprise in my own.  I wondered a few seasons ago if 3XK would ever come back and the writers brought him back with a bang.  The creepiness factor was so high when he was telling Castle what was going to happen to him in the tombs.  It gives me shivers just thinking about it even this morning.

But the writers didn't stop there.  Kate is doing everything she can to figure this out and I felt as frustrated as she did when she was coming up with nothing.  It was seriously one of the best mysteries these guys have ever done.  I couldn't anticipate or predict anything and I've seen/written/read a lot of mysteries in my time.  When those "guards" left with Castle and then the real guards showed up?  I thought for sure Castle was in deep, deep trouble. It was so great.

I think the highlight for me was the little moments between Castle and Kate.  I wondered if this would come between them since it didn't appear that she believed in his innocence with such overwhelming evidence and Castle values loyalty.  I worried that Kate would believe the video and those emails and start to question everything she knows about Castle.  And I worried about how Esposito would take the news of Kate and Castle being together.  But with those questions came the sweet scenes of fingers held through a holding cell, reminiscing about their relationship and how, no matter what happens, it's okay, and Esposito's little, "I love him, too."  Honestly, those little moments were made so much sweeter by how much trouble they were in and the emotion behind them was palpable.  The ensemble work in this show never ceases to impress me and the acting is fantastic.

But it couldn't be done without the writers, so, Castle writers, two thumbs way up to you.  I loved every bit of this episode.  You totally rocked it!


Jon Spell said...

I thought it was amazingly well done. Castle was set up good. Since I knew from the preview they were going to arrest him, I paid even more attention to the things he says about the killer, like "he spent a lot of time doing this, he really enjoyed it" and that sort of thing.

At the end, when they find his lair, I thought, nuh uh. Someone who would go to those lengths to be completely invisible wouldn't leave that lying around.

First, I cheered when Castle expertly shoots the bad guy several times in the chest, even with Kate right next to him. (Maybe he should start carrying.) The one thing that fell short, though, was Kate downplaying that 3XK wasn't dead. I mean, SHE shot him several times and he got back up and knocked her back with the door.

There were a lot of little touches that made it great, though. The scene with the casting studio (and the ad in the newspaper!) Javi responding to Kate's "you knew?" Hey, it's us.

It does make me want to watch the very first episode again. =)

Debra Allen Erfert said...

Well. . . now I don't need to see it after I get over my death cold and can actually enjoy watching television again (or sitting up, or breathing). Thanks for the Castle rundown.

Jon Spell said...

No, no, you absolutely need to see it! It's sooooo good.

(And we're not going to get much TV watching in November, are we?)

Debra Allen Erfert said...

No, my TV viewership is going to plummet during November. NaNo's don't watch no stinkin' TV.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Yeah, you need to see it Debra. It was so good. As for no TV during NaNo I'm sunk before I begin then because I can't miss my Castle and Hawaii Five-O!

Jon Spell said...

I'm making TV on the weekend one of my goal-reached presents to myself. Haven!

But I'll still watch stuff during the week, because it's "family time." =) Helps my wife de-stress.