Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A 24 Conspiracy on Hawaii Five-O & Other Thoughts on Castle

Last night on Hawaii Five-O we had the funeral of Chin's wife Malia, who was played by Reiko Aylesworth.  Reiko, as every 24 fan knows, also played Michelle Dessler and wife of Tony Almeida.  I said in my evaluation of the season finale in May that it seemed the H50 writers were taking a page out of the 24 playbook when they had Chin choose who to save and of course, since Reiko does dead wife so well from her 24 days, she also died on H50.  The thing about it is, last night Carlos Bernard also was on Hawaii Five-O.  You know, the guy from 24 who was Tony Almeida---Michelle Dessler's husband.  And seeing him made my conspiracy writer's mind go nuts.

What if they did a 24 cross-over?  Wouldn't that be awesome!  I mean, if Malia had really been Michelle in deep witness protection and Tony had come to find her posing as that bad guy (I didn't actually catch the name of the guy he played on H50.  In my excitement at seeing him and the writing possibilities going through my head, it escaped me.)  But he finds out she's really been killed this time.  Jack Bauer comes in and we have a showdown with Jack and Steve over the best course of action for the mission and evidence Michelle had uncovered as Malia. (Like what if there's a biological weapon in the hospital basement or something.  What?  It could happen.)  Man, I would pay good money to see Keifer "The Velvet" Sutherland standing opposite Alex "Abs" O'Loughlin.  *le sigh*  Maybe we should ponder that moment for a little longer.

Okay I'm back.

My other wish would be to have Renee Walker still be alive and living in Hawaii waiting for Jack.  Ooh, there could be a love triangle with Jack and Steve.  All right, all right, I'm going too far.  But it would still be fun.  And Hawaii Five-O has gotten a tad soapy lately, (bringing back the dead mom etc.) so it could happen.  If not, maybe I'll have to start doing fanfic or something.

But the actual show last night was good.  It was back to the Hawaii Five-O I know and love.  Just the barest mention of his mother, they had Catherine on a mission of her own, Steve and the gang were emotional for Chin, yet professional for the case.  Although the boiling of the skull was gross.  And I appreciated the hostage scenes, since, you know, I just wrote a book about a hostage negotiator and did a ton of research on how that all really works.  But, yeah, I loved last night.  Car chases, mystery, and a cargument.  Ed Asner getting splatted by a semi was sort of gross, too, but he played a great character.  The old guy's still got it!  I'm glad they didn't show what was left of him after being splatted though.  But I thought it was odd that traffic was still going strong in the background after that.  Wouldn't the police have blocked off the road or something?  So they could remove the body?  Or did they want to flatten it a little more.  I think I just made myself gag a little on that thought.

So, long story short, two thumbs up for last night's show.

Castle was cute and fun and flirty.  Their secret romance looks were cracking me up.  Castle trying to get away from that amorous TV show host made me laugh, especially when Beckett thought he was in trouble and charged over there gun drawn.  Honestly the chemistry between Stana and Nathan is off the charts.  They're just so cute together.

The mystery wasn't bad either.  I called it to be Ms. Fogg, but I was wrong, so good job on that writers.  It was a complicated case, but so well done.  And the boys finally made up, so all is well with the family.  Awwww.  Taking a punch for someone makes up for a lot apparently.  I'll have to remember that.  Although I have to say purple does not look good on Ryan.  His clothes were hideous last night.  But it was funny when he put on "tinted moisturizer" to cover his black eye.  Ha!  The look on Esposito's face was priceless when Ryan said that.

So, last night's shows were excellent in my opinion, and I think I'm going to love this season.  Did you guys watch?  How was your weekend TV viewing?

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Melanie Goldmund said...

My weekend tv viewing was great, because Fringe is now back! Sadly, this will be its last season, but it's still great to see Peter, Walter, Astrid, and Olivia again. I even used the name Peter for one of the characters in a story that I wrote recently, in honour of Fringe.

There was also an episode of Doctor Who that I pretty much enjoyed, even though it meant saying good-bye to Rory and Amy. Sniff, sniff!