Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Word Count Wednesday

So I made it through the door just before 1:00 a.m. this morning from my critique group. By the end I was a little punchy and laughing at things that probably weren't really funny but seemed so at the time. (Does that ever happen to you? It happens to me a lot lately.)

But the best part of last night besides the cake and the laughs, was the suggestions I got on my manuscript. My mind could hardly stop thinking long enough to sleep and I got up this morning totally motivated to revise. I love that feeling.

My word count this past week wasn't that great. But I think with my critique group comments and my beta reader comments coming in, I will totally ramp that up this week as I make my story better and stronger. It also takes me one step closer to submission, which is always a cause for celebration.

How did you do this week?


Gina said...

My word count was *drumroll*


But, I did work up the nerve to finally send out my work to get critiqued. I got the first set of comments back last night, so I'm ready to start working today!

Stacy Henrie said...

Wow - one in the morning! And I thought getting home from crit group at like 11:00 p.m. was late. :)

Jon Spell said...

My wife and I have a nightly ritual in which we burn candles and chant, while... no wait, not that one. Where we watch Cash Cab right before going to bed. (If you've never watched it, then you need to repent immediately and rectify the situation.)

Anyway, when there's a Red Light Challenge, we pause the show and then call out our answers for 30 seconds or so, then see how we did. Last night, it was about the top 5 wild animals most likely to have rabies. As we went through the usual suspects, my wife blurts out COWS! I have to pause the show and say, "Rabid Cows?" and then we both couldn't stop laughing.

(Ok, so it turns out that cows can get rabies, it's just not something you'd imagine. Certainly not in the top 5.)

Oh, and we would have lost the challenge, too.

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

I've been revising all week, so I actually lost a page on my word count. The good news is that I finally wrote a chapter 2 that I like. It only took 4 different drafts to get one I can work with. Plus, I've straightened out some of my characters' personality traits.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Gina, that's so great! Critiques are so motivating.

Stacy, we were just having such a great time it was hard to end it. I know you know what I mean.

Jon, you make me laugh. I love Cash Cab! Some of the questions are so funny.

Rebecca, it feels so good to get things straightened out. I think you are I are somewhat in the same phase.

We all did pretty good this week on whatever stage we were working on! I'm proud of us.

peter said...

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Debra Erfert said...

I actually worked on my WIP this week! Yay! And once I got rolling, it was totally great. 7,613 words for Monday and Tuesday alone. I spent Wednesday getting ready for the ANWA conference in Mesa, and am currently sitting in a hotel room waiting anxiously for it to start.