Monday, February 27, 2012

Are You Having a Wilbur Day? Getting Out of a Rut

So yesterday we were discussing the part in Charlotte's Web where Wilbur is bemoaning his life---how hard it is to watch someone else eat his meal and how he doesn't know how his life is going to turn out. He's so despondent that he throws himself in a pile of manure. Then the question was put to us, "Have you ever had a Wilbur day?"

And all I could think of was, "I've never had such a bad day that it made me want to throw myself in a pile of manure."

I have had bad days, however. It's easy for me to fall into ruts and yes, sometimes I take a moment to feel a little self-pity. I think that it's okay to take a moment to feel sorry for yourself, but the trick is not to stay in that moment. If you are in a rut and thinking your life stinks, here are three things to try that have worked for me.

1. Change up your routine. If you have young children at home, do something different with them. Go to the park or library. Make up a game to play with them. Go sit on your porch and sing. Do something messy like fingerpainting.

2. Pamper yourself a bit. I find when I get in a rut, I've usually let taking care of myself slide. Go take a hot bubble bath. Give yourself a manicure. Take an hour for yourself to read or just rest. Grab a friend and go out to lunch. Tell your family you need this and you need their support.

3. Take a walk. I can't count how many times that doing a bit of exercise has improved my mood. Playing a basketball game with the kids or just walking around my neighborhood always gives me a lift.

Of course the best way to pull me out of a rut is for me to sit down and write. It is my biggest stress reliever.

Do you have a lot of Wilbur days? How do you pull yourself out of a rut?


Jordan McCollum said...

Your last one is one of my favorites ;) .

Debra Erfert said...

I love the bubble baths, with a nice scented candle lit on the ledge of the tub. There were times when I had music playing, like when I was writing my pirate novella, but now I need that quietness to let all the characters speak without interruption--and they will no doubt speak to me, to each other, get into trouble, and lead me into the next scene. I always keep a pen and notebook close by for when those words need to be written down. Yep, I love those bubble baths.

Sarah Pearson said...

I have days like that and it's usually because I've forgotten to take some time out for a while. Mostly, a nap helps :-)