Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Word Count Wednesday

I had a pretty awesome week. I decided to just go for it and get on with writing the ending of my work in progress. I've been procrastinating it, partly because I wasn't sure how I wanted to end it and partially because I just didn't want to end it. (Does that ever happen to you?)

But this week I sat down and plotted out the end of the big bad conspiracy in my book and then I bit the bullet and wrote 3000 words. And I'm *thisclose* to writing those magic words of The End.

It feels good.

How did you do this week?


Charlie Moore said...

I also did better than normal. I was at my brother's home last week so this word count is for 2 weeks. Approx 3000 words and I've just passed 30,000. Got a ways to go, but we're finally in the Salt Lake valley. FYI-this is on the story of my GG grandfather, a Mormon pioneer.

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

I didn't do so great, but I did a lot of revising--182 pages worth of little edits here and there. I wrote maybe a page on top of that.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Charlie and Rebecca, that's awesome! I think we should all celebrate our successes. (Yes, Rebecca yours counts! And Charlie how wonderful for you to honor your ancestor like that!) What should we celebrate with? Chocolate? Ice cream? Cinnamon rolls? :)

Debra Erfert said...

I'm really getting frustrated now. I don't seem to be able to get back to my WIP now. Something always seems to come up, including another manuscript to critique. Is it me trying to evade, do you think?

Charlie--My Grandmother's Grandfather preceded Brigham Young into the Salt Lake valley by 2 days, and was one of the dozen buffalo hunters for two different crossings. I bet your GG Grandfather and GGGGrandfather Edson Whipple knew each other.

Charlie Moore said...

It is possible, Debra. My GG Grandfather, named Samuel W. Brown, was a 7 year old orphan arriving in Sep 1852. Much of his family died from cholera before reaching the valley. All this will be in the book.