Wednesday, April 11, 2018

In The Non-Fiction Corner---Worth Review And A Giveaway!

In the Non-Fiction Corner With Lauren

Okay, people, listen up. Worth by Wendy Ellison is an INCREDIBLE book.
Seriously, I cannot say enough good about it. This is exactly the kind of self esteem book I can get behind. Ellison is hilarious and has perfect examples, she doesn’t tell any stories about women who are doing better than you, she focuses on the everyday and makes her examples relatable to everyone. Most importantly though, the author turns the reader to the Savior, which is the only true way to find your worth and feel great about yourself every day. She used many quotes at the beginning of her chapters that I have never heard before, but now I want to print out to plaster all over my house. The writing and the stories are exceptional and women everywhere could benefit from reading this book.

In one chapter, Ellison emphasizes that just like the Atonement is personal and one by one, so is Heavenly Father's love. She told of a friend who wondered if the Lord created a certain flower especially for her because she knew she would enjoy it. This thought really resonated with me and I have been pondering it all week. Does the Lord think like that? I have looked for His love for me all week long, in everything. Did He create this song just for me? This movie? Book? Sunset? Mountainscape? The possibilities are endless, and I think we can see the Lord's love wherever we look. In short, this book is life changing. Give it a read, and enjoy feeling the Lord's love through the author's words as much as I did.

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Here's the back copy:

I am a princess! Little girls cherish this simple truth, but as the years advance and childhood fades, it becomes increasingly difficult to hold on to this statement. However, the eternal reality of those simple words is indisputable. Women are princesses, divine children of noble heritage. In her debut book, Wendy Ellison reminds women of that worth—constant, unchanging, and inherent as daughters of God. Now is the time for women to claim that marvelous heritage, to be kinder to self and others, and to truly live in a manner befitting royalty. Featuring scriptural references, prophetic quotes, and personal insights, Worth: Divine Beginnings, Happy Endings will inspire readers to see the evidence of individual worth all around—in the love of our Savior, in our Father’s plan of salvation, and in countless other ways too often overlooked. By learning to hold on to the true definition of worth and to silence those outside influences that interfere with self-esteem, every woman can be empowered to dismiss self-doubt and to embrace the princess within.

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