Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hawaii Five-O Recap and Review---The McRoll Episode!

I have been looking forward to this episode for weeks and it didn't disappoint. Cath is back! Yay!

We start with SadAdam and Steve at the M.E.'s sitting with Jessie's body. Adam is beating himself up over Jessie's death, but Steve reminds him that she made a choice to steal the money. Adam asks for an update on Noriko and Steve says law enforcement is looking for her and they're going to find her. Adam says they'll have to do it without him. His TaskForceofOne is OVAH!

We see a Jeep at a CIA black site in Kenya, and out steps Catherine Rollins. (She looks good!) She goes to question a guy named Masari that was captured that morning, but he's already dead. Cath is mad because he was captured in good health and was her lead to a terrorist named Assad. She pins his interrogator to the wall and chokes him until she gets called off. Marching out of the room, she says she wants to see all the dead guy's stuff. As she goes through it, she finds he had a weird pouch with an Hawaiian artifact on it. Reaching out to a museum lady, Cath is told that the artifact was supposedly buried with King Kamehameha. She decides to head to Hawaii to follow the lead because it could lead her to Assad. And of course, she knows someone there who will help her. *happy dance*

Cut to Steve's house. Junior opens the door to Tani who brought coffee and dog treats. She asks why he's not going to his dad's birthday lunch and he said it's best if he doesn't and he heads off to take Eddie for a run. His mom calls while he's running, but he ignores it. She also texts to ask him to please come to his dad's birthday. It's not looking like that will happen. We are surrounded by beautiful scenery, which Junior pauses to enjoy. Eddie didn't care about it, though, and runs off. While looking for him, Junior falls down a ravine. He's got a cut on his head and a hurt leg. He shouts for help, but only Eddie appears. Junior throws rocks so the dog won't try to come down and Eddie leaves.

We don't see Cath contact Steve, she's just there at the Chatting Table with Steve (in his blue shirt! Thank you wardrobe people) and Lou telling them about Assad and Masari. Lou is mouthing behind her back to Steve why is she here, did she call and I think Steve mouths back, she needs help, but it doesn't go further because Cath calls them out on it, says they're acting weird. They focus and she tells them Masari was after depleted uranium and since there are military bases on Hawaii, he might have gotten it here. Steve asks why she came to Five-O when she has CIA assets at her disposal and she says this is his island and if terrorists are operating on it, she thought he'd want in on the op. Oh, and, she thought it would be nice to catch up. (Yep. That's what I want to see!)

Adam comes out of the ME's office and Tani says she heard he's quitting the task force and going to the mainland. She tries to convince him to stay and work the case. Doesn't he want to see Noriko put behind bars? Adam says Noriko deserves worse than prison, so he's probably not the best person to go after her and he ditches Tani with a catch up with ya later.

Cath and Steve meet with a military rep who says all depleted munitions are accounted for. Cath is surprised and asks if they're certain. Steve looks at the folder and notices the report is all on active bases, but what about ones that are shut down? Kaho olawe was an island the Navy used, but abandoned thirty years ago and some depleted munitions could have been left behind. The rep has no record of that, so Steve calls Tani for maps of the island. She finds an underground storage bunker so Steve and Cath head to Kamekona's to borrow the helicopter. While they're loading up, Kame is working up a rental agreement and noting the condition of the helo. Jerry shows up and says that he wants to come along because he's always dreamed of finding King Kamehameha's final resting place and thought it was on that particular island. Steve and Cath try to let him down gently saying they love his enthusiasm, but it's not an archaeological thing, they're looking for evidence to lead them to a terrorist. Jerry says he knows the island like the back of his hand and since neither Steve nor Cath have been there, they decide to take him along as a guide. They get to the island and Cath is bushwhacking through the jungle until and they come to a Keep Away sign. Jerry is shocked there's unexploded ordnance on the island and admits he lied and he's never been there before. Steve and Cath both have a look of are you serious? on their face, but shrug it off and say to keep moving and watch your step.

Back to Junior who has made a splint for his leg and is trying to climb up to a ledge and get his phone. He grabs it, but falls back down to the bottom and finds out he doesn't have any service anyway. (Why didn't he keep trying to go up? Seemed like he gave up pretty easy for a Navy SEAL.)

Back to Steve and Cath. She's hacking the jungle foliage and turns to Steve and says, "All right, sailor your turn." (Aww, I love that little nickname between them). She smiles and tells him to stay away from yellow greenish stuff and he grins back and says "Not my first jungle young lady." (So cute!) While he hacks the foliage, they catch up. She asks about Tani, says she seems great and on top of things. Steve agrees. Cath says, it's just a matter of time before she picks up all your bad habits and Steve says oh, she's already there. (Haha.) Then he goes on to one of the cutest bits of dialogue and says that Tani reminds him of Cath. "She's an army brat, you're a navy brat, you're both good at your job and you both got good hearts." (Awww. I love that he sees her good heart and acknowledges that she's good at her job. Especially now.) Cath looks surprised and thanks him. They keep walking and she asks how it's going with Lynn. Steve says it's good, he's keeping it casual for now. And then he asks what about you? Seeing anybody? Cath smiles and says "besides assets and enemy combatants?  Hard to keep a relationship going when you do what I do." Steve responds with an "I bet." But then Cath says she is dating a little bit. Steve tells her "that's great news." (There is such an easy rapport between them and they recognize it as well.) Cath remarks that it's great they can talk to each other about this stuff now. and Steve agrees. "Look how mature we are right now," he says. They high five to maturity. (Because saying "up high" and high fiving is what I think of when I think of maturity, haha. It was such an adorable scene though.) Cath says it's not that surprising if you think about it because they were really good friends before they got involved. Steve agrees. (I love that they have that foundation of friendship and such a long history.) Cath says sometimes she thinks that getting involved ruined us and Steve chimes in with they probably shouldn't have slept together. Cath says it was a huge mistake for the friendship---not that it wasn't awesome or anything, but probably not the best decision for the friendship. Steve is smiling through this whole last bit and that made me smile, but all the smiles are gone when Catherine suddenly falls into a spike pit and Steve is at the side, calling out her name, asking if she's okay. She is, but her arm is bleeding. He assures her that he'll get her out of there, but two hunters (what are they hunting on a deserted island with depleted munitions on it?) come out of the bushes and point guns at him and says he won't. He holds up his hands.

The CrazyHunters make them toss their weapons over. Steve tells them he's Commander Steve McGarret of the Five-O task force and shows his badge. They tell him his phony badge isn't fooling anyone. Haha. Steve says they're in a lot of trouble since the island is off-limits to the public. They don't like that and ram the butt of their rifle into Steve's gut. They steal all of Steve and Cath's gear, but they do let him keep his watch! CrazyHunterOne makes Steve climb down into the pit because his girl is looking a little lonely. (Cath holds his arm when he gets down there. To assure herself he's okay? Steady him? Just make sure they're both okay?) CrazyHunters grab the gear and leave. As soon as they're gone, Steve says they've got to get out of here, so Cath suggests that he boost her up and she'll see if she can catch the lip. Steve is worried about her pulling herself out with her injured arm, but she's all, are you trying to say I'm soft now? and he says maybe a little bit. (It's such a cute scene!) She assures him she's good and says she's got this. She puts her hands on his shoulders and they start to count. Super slowly. With long looks at each other in between. (The tension was so crazy good!)

He boosts her up, challenges her and encourages her, until she pulls herself out, then reaches back to help him. When he's halfway out, Cath asks him if he was really going to propose or did he just buy that ring in the event that he decided he was going to propose. Steve looks so surprised and asks, what do you think? She just wants him to answer the question so he says, "Yes, yes, yes I was going to propose, Catherine, Yes." (Aww. I like that she laid it out there, sort of gave him her perspective, and she knows he was really serious.) They lay there for a minute, close together, looking exhausted. (They actually stay pretty close to each other through the entire episode, which is interesting to me.) Jerry comes along and says it's a good thing they didn't fall into the spike pit, it looks nasty, but he sees Cath's bloody arm and asks what happened. Steve tells him about the hunters and the robbery, but says he remembers the map well enough to get them to that bunker. He's concerned, looking at Cath's arm and asks for Jerry's butt bag. Jerry corrects him and says it's a fanny pack. Haha. Steve takes off the strap and wraps Cath injured arm. Jerry suggests they "pull the rip cord" since Cath's hurt and they have no map or weapons, but Cath says no, we keep going and Steve agrees. "We don't leave until we find that bunker. He grabs Cath's hand and pulls her up. (I love them.)

Adam goes back to his Yakuza bank guy who is not happy to see him at all. But Adam needs his help since his associate is dead (Jessie was downgraded to an associate?) and someone else has that twenty million dollars. The bank guy isn't sympathetic and suggests that Adam get it back or his friend isn't only one going into the ground. Adam gets to the point and says that's why he's there. He actually needs an alibi. (Uh oh, Adam. What did you do?)

Junior is still in the ravine wasting his phone battery taking selfies and playing games. (Hey, why not try to get out? Use some vines, make a rope? I don't know. Do some SEAL moves, maybe?) He looks at pics on his phone, and has a sad face when he gets to his sister's pic. Wanting to feel even more down, he listens to the messages from his sister at a theater waiting for him and then his mom saying that something's happened.  More Junior sad face.

Steve, Cath, and Jerry are walking through jungle, when Cath stops and looks up at a palm tree and decides to climb it. Steve and Jerry look on in awe. (The look on their faces was funny!) Jerry thinks she's going to scope the perimeter, but Steve is sure she's just thirsty. They're sitting around drinking coconut water and Jerry rambles on about whoever finds the king's burial site absorbs his mana or spiritual energy. They hear gunshots and Steve and Cath head in that direction. They find the CrazyHunters dead and Steve tracks the shooters sightline. He gets eyes on the bunker and tells Cath and Jerry to hang back while he creeps up and opens the bunker door, only to get shot at. He retreats just in time as two shooters come out guns blazing. Steve circles around behind them while Cath covers him. He jumps one guy and ends up in hand to hand combat, getting choked until Cath comes up and shoots the guy. The other shooter gets away with a backpack from the bunker. Steve, Cath, and Jerry go in with a torch, find their stolen stuff, empty barrels that had depleted uranium in it and old shells. It's obvious the shooters were building dirty bombs and one guy ran off with one.

Eddie is found outside headquarter doors and Tani is surprised to see him, saying he looks dehydrated. (Can you tell if a dog looks dehydrated if his tongue isn't even hanging out or anything? I don't know.) She gives him water and tries to find Junior, but his phone has no signal. That's not like him, but she knows where he likes to run so she'll go look for him.

Steve and Cath are chasing the shooter, he turns to shoot at them one more time and Steve returns fire. Cath tells him she wishes he wouldn't do that, since the guy has a bomb and if he dies, so do her chances of getting any intel on finding Assad. Steve says, "wait a minute, did you just question my accuracy? Because if you did, that hurts, I'm just saying." (Haha! They just play off each other so well.) Jerry is going through the bunker and finds some old crates filled with artifacts. He's excited until he feels something on his shoulder. It's a large spider. Tons of them. All over his back. He runs out, drops his torch and starts a fire, but he quickly puts it out with a sandbag.  The shooter is still running with Steve and Cath in pursuit, but he trips and falls, and blows himself up. Steve adorably tells her he didn't do it.

Junior in ravine recording a message for his dad. He's rambling about the birthday and that he doesn't know what to say. It wasn't always like this, he remembers following him around, fishing, fixing the roof, and singing songs, Maya, his sister, made everything easy. She was their bridge. He goes on about his dad's reaction to him joining the military, how he said no, he'd already lost a child, but Junior lost his best friend. Then his phone dies in the middle of it. All is not lost, though. He hears Eddie barking and Tani appears. She's been looking for him for two hours, and gets a rescue team to him. In the ambulance, he asks to borrow her phone and calls his dad. He's going to see him tomorrow. (Here's the weird thing. If Junior has all this family on the island, why was he staying at a homeless shelter when he first came on the show? Why is he still living with Steve? Weird.)

Lou, Cath, and Steve are at the Chatting Table. After the shooter blew himself up, Steve and Cath searched the bunker and recovered a cell, which helped them pinpoint a real time location on Assad. A SEAL Team is taking him down as they speak. Cath gets a call and excuses herself. Lou takes the opportunity to ask Steve if it was nice to catch up. Steve says if you take away the spike pit, gunfire, and explosions, yeah it was nice. Lou gives him a look, like yeah? And Steve says, "What?" Then grins in a way that we haven't seen in a while. (I loved it! He really seemed more animated this episode and that was awesome to see.)

Steve and Cath go to Jerry's office to tell him those artifacts were fake. They had the items carbon dated and they were from the 1950s. A ship carrying mass produced tourist trinkets sank and the Navy probably recovered them in a salvage op. So his once in a lifetime find is worthless. Steve tells him to shake it off, they're going to dinner on Cath, since she almost got them killed. It's the least she could do. Cath agrees, but says she gets to pick the place. Just like old times!

Of course they all meet up at Kamekona's and are trying to cheer up Jerry that the mystery is still out there for him to solve. He says it's not the only mystery he's working on, he's also working on the lost city of El Dorado. Steve says he'd join him on that expedition. Cath makes a toast to lost cities and found friends and Steve leans in toward her as she does it. (Awww. They all look so good at that table.) Tani also toasts to Adam's trip to the mainland being filled with love and affection. Steve gets a call from Duke. Noriko's body washed up the beach, with a GSW to the back of the head. It ends with Steve giving Adam a look. Dun, dun, dun. Is that why he needed the alibi?

What did you think of the episode? Did you watch?


Darlena said...

Like you I thought it was a good episode and I loved seeing Cath again. She and Steve do still love each other and it shows, big time. Just wish we could have seen more of this part of the story.

The story about Junior is puzzling to say the least, he's supposed to be a navy SEAL but is helpless in that ravine, and how did he have access to all those family messages on his phone? He didn't have a phone while at the homeless shelter and the one Steve gave him got stolen so the one he has now, as well as his laptop must be recent purchases to bring him back into the 21st century. Guess maybe he retired at such young age because he wasn't a very good SEAL but makes me wonder how he graduated as one in the first place?!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Yes, I agree, I would have like to have seen more of McRoll. I don't like having three storylines in an episode, but it seems that's the new way they're going to do things. I think it's hard to actually do justice to any one of them when there's so much crammed in.

I agree about Junior's story. He barely even tried to get himself out of that ravine, so I'm assuming it was just a plot point to tell the audience that he's estranged from his dad and his sister died. But again, why was he at a homeless shelter and is currently living with Steve if he has all this family on the island? It just seems off.

It was a good episode for me because of the McRoll stuff and I'm glad to find a fellow Cath fan! I loved the chemistry between them, the looks, the smiles. It was one of those episodes that I'll definitely watch again!