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Hawaii Five-O Recap & Review: The One With Harry

It's been a while since we've seen Harry and I was excited for Five-O's very own 007 to hang out with the team again!

We start out with the mail room where an old beta max tape has been delivered to Five-O. Tunior watch it and see an old murder in a hotel room. We are treated to a chat between them of how far society has come since now we don't have to jump in the car and hope the video we want to watch isn't rented already and we can just stream it from the comfort of our own toilet. (Yikes. Toilet humor just isn't that funny unless you're in junior high.)

Cut to Steve and Danny in the car talking about Adam and asking if it's coincidence that the moment they find Noriko's body he skips town. Steve says that until he has clear evidence that implicates Adam, there's nothing more to discuss. (Poor Steve. You know he wants to give Adam the benefit of the doubt. ) They knock on a hotel door and Harry answers. He introduces them to Lady Sophie and her mother Lady Helen Mortimer. (Fun fact: 34 people have to die before Lady Helen becomes queen!) Harry used to run security for them and he popped in for a visit when he heard they were in Hawaii. Paparazzi are all over downstairs because Sophie is a favorite tabloid subject. It's easy to see she's spoiled and bratty and wants Harry, Steve, and Danny to escort her to go shopping before they head to lunch. We're all forced to watch her try on hideous outfits while Danny is munching on Charlie's animal crackers and refusing to share with a hungry Steve. (Why do they make him seem like a jerk all the time?) Danny gives Sophie fashion advice and when it takes her a long time to change, Harry goes to check on her, and she's gone.

Tunior is looking at the vid and explaining to Lou that it's 20 to 30 years old, and they can't really identify much. No return address on the envelope, no prints. Lou uses this as a teaching moment for the newbies and tells them to establish a crime scene first thing. It's a local motel, but generic enough that they can't pinpoint a location. They do know from Noelani that the heavy breathing is actually COPD a chronic respiratory condition. Maybe they could find some employees with it? Lou finishes by telling them to go do old-fashioned police work and analyze every clue off the vid. After some more analyzing Tunior get a bit of audio where the killer says he never promised her anything. Headlights sweep the room so it's on the first floor. The phone on the table was manufactured in 1994 through 1997, so they can start looking for missing persons during that time period. Oh and the room key is number 13 and not many motels have that for superstitious reasons, so they have something to go on.

Harry and the boys track down a driver who Sophie hired to lead them on a goose chase. He does have a letter from her for Harry that says Don't wait up for me. S. (Yeah, bratty.) Harry tells Sophie's mother, and everyone just wants her back safe. Steve tells Harry that HPD has her description and they're looking too, but Harry wishes he found that more comforting. (Poor HPD. No one has faith in them anymore.) She wiped her phone and didn't leave any clues so the boys call her best friend, Carlotta. She's not helpful until Steve gets on and then she suddenly cooperates. Sophie met a boy and Carlotta sends them a picture.

Tunior is calling around looking for room 13, and find one. The room interiors are the same so they head over there. Lou is ever the master teacher and tells them they need to get in the attic. When Tunior get up there, they find the old A/C vent the videographer used and Tani cuts through it while Master Lou and the hotel manager watch. (Yeah, who cares if they trash the room, right?) But it looks like they found crime scene. Unfortunately, the previous owner died three years ago, so that's a dead end.

Steve runs a background check on the boy's picture that Carlotta sent and find out he has no criminal record or driver's license. They finally track him down after he posts a pic of him on Facebook at a party with Sophie in the background. They're anxious to pick her up before the wrong people realize she has no security. They go to the beach club and split up to look for Sophie. Can't find her, but they find the boy and Harry throws his bodyguard in the pool and yanks the kid to his feet (he was making out with a girl on a lounge chair) Harry slaps the kid and asks him where Sophie is. He claims not to know, but when Harry threatens to break his arm and Steve and Danny will look away while he does it, the kid cooperates. He picked Sophie up at the store and brought her to the party. When he went to get her a drink, she decided to party with someone else and last he saw her she was leaving with two other blonde girls. Harry seems annoyed and upset, but they find a paparazzi who has pics of Sophie getting into a car. Harry notes the license plates and deletes the guy's pics. 

Tani was looking at missing persons and thinks she found the victim. Her name was Lara Leavey. After she disappeared, her roommate told police she was in secret relationship with a guy from out of town, but they couldn't find him. Tani is sad that no one was fighting for justice for her and since she was an orphan and not married, she didn't have anyone and was forgotten. Master Lou tells her that cases don't always end with closure or healing, that justice for the victim is all they get sometimes. Fortunately, they get another clue with DNA from the soda can in the attic. Arthur Dubbins, a former employee at the motel who had a record for theft and assault. Of course he's currently in a coma at the hospital, so they call in his wife. Her handwriting matched what was on the Betamax package. She confesses that Arthur was affected by the murder he'd witnessed and knew the killer since he had access to guest logs, but when his wife asked him about it, he'd hit her and said he would kill her if she told. She takes them to her house and opens a cupboard with hundreds of tapes from the hotel. Tunior get to watch all the vids and while it's awkward, (like them) they find nine recordings of Lara with her killer and all they could get audio-wise was that his name was Paul. He did have a pin on his jacket, however, that tells them he's an airline pilot.

Sophie has been taken to a boat harbor where there are some sketchy people staring at her. The girls reassure her that the party is going to be lit, so she goes with them and boards the boat. Steve, Danny, and Harry are tracking the car using the vehicle recovery system, but will they be too late? Sophie refuses a drink and wants to leave, but the sketchy guy tells her to sit down, keep her mouth shut and do what she's told. She knees him and gives a speech about how they could just let her go and she'll let bygones be bygones, but the head sketchy guy says he's going to sell her to the highest bidder since a bonafide princess will fetch top dollar. 

Danny doesn't come along, but Steve and Harry are at the harbor where they find the car Sophie was in. After Harry breaks the window, he finds that Sophie left the name of the boat in lipstick on the back seat. Clever girl. Head Sketchy Guy is taking pictures of her and talking about how she'll join a harem. She's crying and spits on him when touches her face. Head Sketchy Guy doesn't like that and gets out a baton, but before he can hit her with it, Harry saunters on like he's just a bloke late for a party. Head Sketchy Guy is so confused and is all, "Who are you? Where did you come from?" Somehow Harry found a very quiet jetski or something, and got out to the boat. Harry says he's here to make sure Sophie gets home safely and Head Sketchy Guy wants to know who will make sure Harry gets home safe. Harry says he should be along any minute to help him beat all the imbeciles to death. They watch a guy go overboard from the level above them and Steve comes down with a "What'd I miss? Hi, Soph." (Best part of the whole show.) Head Sketchy Guy threatens to shoot them in the head, but Harry engages him, Steve gets the guards, and they take care of them pretty quickly. Time to go home.

Tunior is in Bakersfield California, looking for PilotPaul the Killer. They find him with his mom (maybe wife, it was hard to tell) and a little girl. They give him a perp walk to the car, then we see a guy digging up remains in a forest reserve and finding a skull.

Final scene is Sophie reuniting with her parents. Everyone is relieved, Steve, Danny, and Harry get thank yous. Sophie's dad comes in and hugs them both while Harry and boys watch awkwardly for a minute, then leave. Danny asks Harry if Sophie knows Harry is her real dad. He guessed by the look on Harry's face when thought she was in danger, how similar Sophie is to him, and when she ran into her dad's arms, Harry looked like he wanted to throw up. Harry confesses that Helen was separated when they were together and when she found out she was pregnant, he wanted to do right thing, but that ended up being accepting her decision to go back to her husband. Steve asks if the kid has a right to know who her real father is and Harry assures him that if she ever asks he won't lie. In the meantime he'll be there for her. Everyone looks stoic and that's the end.

Well, Steve on the boat was the best part of the show. Master Lou teaching Tunior what they would have learned at the police academy was a little slow, but at least we only had two storylines instead of three.

Did you watch? What did you think? 

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