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Hawaii Five-O Recap & Review: The One With Steve's Dad

This one has connections to Steve's dad, so hopefully we'll get to see a lot of Steve!

We start out with a guy in Ewa Forest in 1975 digging a grave for a man with a police badge. Switch to present day, where an older version of the grave digger is sitting in an office looking at the family pictures on the doctor's wall. The doctor comes in and call him, Mr. Davis and says he was sorry to keep him waiting.

Danny and Steve are talking to the Fire Inspector at the office. Apparently there are seventeen fire code violations at the restaurant. The boys are surprised and Steve immediately says it's Uncle Vito's fault, that he's trying to destroy their dreams. He gave Vito the number for an electrician that did great work at the office. The Fire Inspector is very interested in that tidbit of information and says he'll look around then. Steve realizes what a mistake he made and tells Danny it just came out. Hmmm.. Tani comes in to say that Steve has a guy waiting for him and says it's about his father.

The gravedigger guy is looking at Steve's awards and such on his walls. He mentions that he did a tour in Vietnam and Steve asks if that's how he knew his father? Or did they work together? LeRoy tells him they knew each other through work. He sits down and proceeds to say that  he was employed by the Hawaiian syndicate in 70s and 80s. Steve is surprised and asks if he just said what he thought he said. Yep, he was a hitman. A lot of cops back then were corrupt or too scared to come after him, except Steve's dad. When LeRoy met him, he knew he'd be trouble. We go to a flashback at a disco club where Leroy pulls up and is about to go inside when Steve's father arrives with a baseball bat and starts breaking LeRoy's car windshield and headlights. Leroy pulls gun and shoots in the air. He finally points it at McG's dad, but he isn't afraid. He accuses LeRoy of killing one cop this week and warns him that he's the guy who will put you in jail for the rest of your life. LeRoy admits that he did kill Detective Osuki earlier that week. Steve wonders why he's coming forward now and LeRoy says he's been carrying it around long enough and if Steve's father were there, he'd be confessing to him, but Steve is the next best option. He opens a briefcase with guns in it that are evidence. He'd like to confess to the murder of Detective Jake Osuki and seventeen others and he takes Steve to his old dumping ground, the Ewa Forest.

Adam gets confronted by FBI Guy McNeil and he forces Adam by gunpoint into his car. I never liked that guy.

Back at HQ Danny brings fire inspector down to Jerry's. The AC is broken. He goes in to inspect Jerry's office while Danny dumps him off on Jerry. The fire inspector doesn't seem to mind and says that the office is a tinderbox.

Back in the forest Leroy finds the spot where he buried the detective. It's a remote area with road access and the earth was soft, so it was easy to bury the bodies there. Steve calls Noelani and asks her to bring all the people she can to exhume seven bodies. But where are the rest of the bodies? LeRoy tells Steve, "Patience, John." And that's our first clue that something isn't quite right.

Adam is taken to a house with a room covered in plastic. That can't be good. Adam is starting to realize this isn't an official FBI meeting.  A woman comes in with two goons. She knows him and says that while they've never met, Adam has been a presence in her life since she was a child. Adam tells her he never knew he had a sister, and she's surprised he knew about her. But she's the one he's been looking for this whole time. The one who killed Fisher. She admits it and says that they've led different lives where he was given everything and if she wanted something she had to take it. Then she shoots McNeil. Ew. After the body falls to the floor, she tells Adam to make himself comfortable, they have a lot to catch up on. Make himself comfortable with the body in the room? Yikes. One of her goons wraps up the body in the plastic and drag him to a corner. The new sister is rambling on that she was eight when she discovered that her dad had another family and ten when she realized she was never going to meet her brothers. They were the dirty little secret. But she wants to know how Adam found out about her and he says her DNA was found on Hidecki. Since she hadn't been around the guy in ages, McNeil must have planted it for leverage or blackmail. But now she's been discovered, she needs to disappear, so Adam needs to give her Shioma's twenty million. He says he doesn't know where it is, but after NewSister shows him pics of Kono's hotel in Amarillo and says she has people there waiting to hear from her as well as in San Francisco for Chin Ho, Abby, and Sara. With their lives on the line, he has six hours to get the money.

Steve gets a report that LeRoys fingerprints are all over the guns and they are pulling files on everyone who went missing during his active years. LeRoy takes Steve to his house and Steve realizes he's been there before with his dad. His dad used to drive him home from school that way a lot. LeRoy says he's not surprised that McG's dad was keeping tabs on him since he was relentless.

Back at HQ fire inspector is taking notes and shaking his head. Lou tries to approach, but gets a lecture that the place is a fire trap, nothing can be grandfathered into an old building and do they have extinguishers.

Adam goes to Jessie's house and she's annoyed that Adam's psycho sister with Daddy issues has put anyone close to Adam in her cross hairs. It's not like Adam is happy about it either. He's going to get the money and Jessie is shocked to find out he knew where it was all along, and even when she gave him his "beatdown" or when Hidecki put a gun to his head he didn't spill. He says the people he cares about are in danger now so he has no choice. She says she'll go with him to get it. Yeah, I'll bet.

LeRoy goes inside to feed his cats and Steve sees a bunch of prescription meds in the house. They chat about how his wife died ten years ago and his kids are all on the mainland. Junior calls to say they've exhumed two bodies and one has an ID. It's Detective Osuki's badget number. Ground radar confirms five more, right where LeRoy said they would be. LeRoy gives his cat to the neighbor to take care of and Steve asks why he killed Detective Osuki. LeRoy never asked why his employers wanted someone dead and he only killed when ordered. Steve wonders why he let his dad live. LeRoy tells him a story (and we see it in flashback) that he almost killed PapaMcG in the forest near the dumping ground. His gun was pointed at him, but PapaMcG got a call that his wife was going into labor. So, in a way, Steve saved his father's life.

The team finds out the man LeRoy used to answer to still lives on the island but has been out of the game for years, so they pay him a visit and arrest him for ordering the murder of eighteen people.

Adam and Jessie go to a guy's house who has a bunch of plants and trees around him. Adam helped him take care of a rare and 252 year old juniper when he was eleven, so they've known each other a long time. Adam gets down to business and says he needs to make a withdrawal of all the money. JuniperGuy says that would be unwise, but Adam has to do it. He shuffles off to get the transaction taken care of while Adam explains to Jessie this is an unofficial bank for the Yakuza, and the only one that serves all clans as well as washes money. It's been around for generations and is loyal, trustworthy, and discreet. What an endorsement! Adam found Shioma's money on Kuaia and had to put it somewhere safe. His dad left a lot of debts to some not so nice people, and the money being in the bank has given him some time to get the debts paid down. Without it, there will be penalties.

Leroy is on a beach, showing Steve where the rest of the bodies are. Steve is marking them with orange flags and it's a very somber scene. LeRoy tries to justify his acts saying killing was never easy even when he wore the uniform, but it was all he could do when he came home from the war and the country treated him like the enemy. No one would hire a baby killer Steve doesn't buy it. His dad fought in same war and came home to the same country and was spat at and he didn't go off and become a professional killer, so save that story for someone else. LeRoy quietly says John was a better man than me, then adds, hey, did you ever catch who killed him? Steve says he did and LeRoy replies with a "At least one of you got your man." Oooh, buurrrrn.

Adam puts the duffels full of money into his car. (So the plant place has millions of dollars lying around? Wow.) He goes back inside to say goodbye and leaves Jessie with the car and the money. Oh poor, dumb, Adam. While Adam is saying goodbye to the "banker" he hears the car driving away. He runs out just in time to see Jessie peel off. He calls her and says to come back. If you run, Noriko will find you. (Who told him his sister's name?) She says she trusted him and look where it got her. He pleads with her that his family is in danger, but she doesn't care and says, they're cops and can take care of themselves. Cold. Adam calls Tani, asking for McG, but he's out so she'll have to help him track a cell.

Leroy gets handed over to Duke at the station, but he wants Steve to read him his rights since it's something his father would have enjoyed doing. Steve does it and they flashback to PapaMcG in 1994 and how PapaMcG kept tabs on LeRoy asking him if today was the day. PapaMcG even took LeRoy to a cemetery to watch Detective Ozuki's wife Linda and son Jack there mourning over an empty grave. He never forgot Jack's name because of PapaMcG. He had pointed out to LeRoy that every murder has two victims, the deceased and the family left in the wake. Back to present day where they lead LeRoy into the station. Steve gets the doctor LeRoy was seeing at the beginning of the ep to spill that LeRoy has a brain disease and only has about three to six months to live. Noelani's office has identified all the remains and HPD notified all the families. They've been waiting years for answers and are in the hall waiting for Steve. Detective Osuki's son Jack is an officer now and reaches out to shake Steve's hand. He gets a lei and more mahalos with kisses. Steve walks away with a few files in his hand and gets in his truck to say, "We did it dad. You did it." Awww.

We end with Adam and Tani in a car tracking Jessie. When they catch up to her they get out, guns drawn. The trunk is open and the money is gone. Jessie is still in the driver's seat, dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Adam is shaken.

I enjoyed the glimpse of Steve's early life and his dad. I could have done without the fire inspector scenes. What did you think? Did you watch?

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