Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Book Review & Giveaway!

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From the cover to the words inside, this book is absolutely beautiful. I can tell the author has put a lot of time into what he is writing about, and he is truly passionate about helping others put God first in their lives.

Morgan chose to focus on the life of Nephi and what we can learn from following his example. There are seven principles that help us endure our trials, and the author draws off personal experience and other scriptural examples to explain what he has come to know throughout his life. Besides talking about trials, he also covers topics such as joy, self-steem, and vulnerability. This gives the reader a chance to look for different meanings and highlights and leaving the application and lessons completely up to them. And who hasn't struggled with these things? Everyone can benefit from the message that Morgan has to share. The changes I want to make in my life because of this book maybe aren't what the author intended, but the insights he provided caused me to do some deep thinking of my own.

My favorite chapter in the book was the chapter on love. The author talks about how God can fill us with His love, and how we are to share this love with others. Sometimes this can be difficult if we aren't used to sharing these feelings or if we are afraid of getting hurt. The author said something profound when he gave a personal example of caring for something more when we work for it. He compared this to developing Christlike attributes and characteristics. If the Lord blessed us with every talent and characteristic we would need in this life and we never had to work for it, what would we learn? We have to develop them, and as we do they will become more precious to us. So as we become more patient, or forgiving, or better at spreading love, we will be proud of our accomplishments and ready to share them more.

Overall, this is a great read that I would recommend to people of all ages. The author has put in his research and it contains some principles that we are familiar with, but seen in a new light we can all benefit from.

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Here's the back copy:

Nephi, that great hero of the Book of Mormon, is often viewed as a pinnacle of devotion: steadfastly faithful, profoundly spiritual, and unwaveringly obedient. But the beautiful passage of scripture often referred to as Nephi’s Psalm reveals that, like all of us, Nephi faced his own inner struggles in this mortal existence. His heartfelt introspection demonstrates that amid the trials of life, discouragement can burden us all—but it can also be overcome.

In My God Hath Been My Support: Seven Keys to Understanding and Enduring Personal Trials, author David T. Morgan looks to the words of Nephi’s Psalm to offer an inspiring message of hope and a loving call to action. Featuring tools and ideas on how to overcome adversity, increase feelings of self-worth, and endure the ups and downs of mortality, this scripture-based roadmap to a more fulfilling life is a joyous invitation to learn from Nephi how to transform sorrow into joy.

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