Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Book I Can't Finish . . . Yet

So, I was about to start Michele Holmes' new book, Yesterday's Promise, but then I read the reviews. Now, I don't usually put a whole lot of stock in reviews, but I do usually skim them. I was glad I did in this case.

Several reviewers were upset that Yesterday's Promise has a cliffhanger ending---and it ends very abruptly. The next book will be out in a few months' time, which will give some resolution to the story threads, but for me, I hate cliffhanger endings where you have to wait for another book to find out what happens. It makes me feel like I've wasted my time.

When I read that, I knew I couldn't start the book and not feel cheated at the end, so I'm going to wait until the next book is out before I start it. I'm really excited to read the story, though, because Ms. Holmes' is a talented author that I've enjoyed in the past.

What about you? Do you hate cliffhanger endings? Would you wait for the next book to come out before you started?

Here's the back copy of Yesterday's Promise, so you can see why I was anxious to start! It sounds so good!

In the year 1761--Scottish Highlands:

Nineteen-year-old artist Katherine Mercer dreams of selling her paintings to help support her struggling family. Before she has the opportunity, Katherine learns she is to be sold—or practically so—given in marriage to a lord she has never met or even heard of. In return, a much-needed settlement will be made upon her mother.

Katherine’s situation goes from frightening to surreal when her husband-to-be Laird Collin MacDonald arrives with an entourage of men, each heavily armed and speaking with a thick brogue. As if leaving all she knows behind and traveling to another country with strangers isn’t bad enough, Katherine soon discovers a Scottish heritage she knew nothing of, a brother-in-law who wants her dead, and far more at stake with her paintings than she had ever imagined. Forced to turn to her reclusive husband for answers, comfort, and even her very survival, Katherine begins to unravel the mysteries of her past and what it is to love and be loved.

If cliffhanger endings don't bother you, you can get your copy here


Alisa said...

I hate cliffhangers, too but I don't feel like this book ended on a cliffhanger; it was more like "To be continued..." I probably would not have read it if I had read the reviews before I agreed to review it because people were making a big deal about the cliffhanger (and I really don't do cliffhangers). But I'm glad I was already committed to reading it and that I read it because it was really a beautiful story and the "to be continued" really didn't bother me (probably because I knew before I started that it wasn't going to wrap up in one story). If the second book was already out, I would definitely have picked it up right away and started it!

NaDell Ransom said...

I prefer to make sure the whole series is already written so I can just blast right through them all without forgetting the storylines.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Alisa, I love her writing, too, but I didn't know that it was a to be continued, so I would have been upset when I got to the end. I'm glad I figured it out, so I can read the two stories back to back and find out what happens! I love Michele's writing.

NaDell, I think I'm that kind of person, too!