Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Son Gets Married Tomorrow!

Today has been such a special, but a little stressful sort of day. My son is getting married tomorrow, so we spent some time with his bride and her family, just being together for a meal and a tour of the Church History Museum. It was fun to laugh with them and get to know them better.

After that, however, it was crunch time and we've been setting up the reception and luncheon areas. I was getting stressed, and my knee was hurting, and as we were working, this little bit of rain started spattering down on us. I lifted my face and thought, "Really?" It just seemed like one more thing!

But right after that, there was a beautiful rainbow that reminded me of hope and love and that a new family is starting tomorrow. It will be a happy day! My son is marrying his sweetheart and I really could not be more excited for him. Life is good. We are blessed. Wish us luck tomorrow!

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