Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When I Met The BYU Coaches

photo credit: arbyreed Cosmo via photopin (license)

Most of you know I am a big BYU fan and my BYU Cougars basketball team beat #1 ranked Gonzaga on their home court last Saturday. It was an amazing game!

Earlier in the day, though, I was attending my son's championship basketball game, and as I approached the gym, a man was coming out and held the door open for me. It was Kalani Sitake, the BYU football coach! I love BYU football as well, and have enjoyed watching Sitake bring a fresh energy to the team. As I passed him, I admit, I really wanted to ask for a picture, but felt super awkward, so I just thanked him instead.

That very same thing happened with Dave Rose, the BYU basketball coach, last year when he held a door open for me on campus. He had a kind smile and while I wanted a picture, I was too shy to ask, so I just thanked him, too.

So, while I watch these coaches do great things with the BYU athletic program, I'm a little sad that I was too chicken to ask for a picture. My kids would have thought it was so cool! But the one thing I do think is worth noting to my kids---with or without a picture---is that in both instances these men were being gentlemen and holding a door for a lady. That's an example they can look up to.

Have you ever wanted a picture with someone and been too afraid to ask?

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