Monday, February 6, 2017

Book Review: Dating Never Works . . . Until It Does

As the mother of eight children, I have several that are trying to navigate the dating world. I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up, Dating Never Works . . . Until It Does, by Zack Oates, but I found myself reading parts aloud to my older kids. It was funny and sincere and packed with usable advice.

Zack Oates went on a thousand dates before he finally met the woman who would be his wife. In the book, he discusses things that he learned by dating so often. He gives advice for getting out of the friend-zone and some of his experiences with that, or what he learned was the most important quality in another person, not to mention all the creative dating ideas. There were a lot of funny stories like when his friends did an intervention and what a popcorn dater is and so many more! I especially liked his easy writing style. Reading it is like talking to a friend who knows all about what the dating world is really like and really wants to help you navigate both the smooth waters and rough seas. It's a really timely book for anyone looking for love.

Here's the back copy:

Dating expert Zack Oates has experienced it all in this comical guide that will keep you happy and laughing.

Navigate through the complexities of friend zones, first dates, relationships, and breaking up all to reach the goal of love. Oates delivers practice yet lighthearted advice to assist with this lifetime adventure.

Perfect for audiences in dating situations of all kinds, these encouraging steps will help you find your final one and only.

You can download your Kindle copy here

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