Thursday, August 25, 2016

Creativity Survival Habits

For so many years I've had young children and my writing time has consisted of rushing to the computer to write in small snatches of time when Barney or Peppa Pig was on. Nowadays, however, my youngest is in kindergarten and I have several hours of uninterrupted time per day. It's strange, actually. I have noticed, however, that my habit of writing in small increments has made a groove in my brain that is hard to change.

Every morning when I sit down to write now, I have to take a break every fifteen or thirty minutes. No Facebook or social media, of course, but I have to stand, get a drink, or walk around for a minute. Then, when I sit back down again, my brain seems ready to work. It's very strange, but it's how my creative self has survived all these years. I was at the computer for three hours today, did some great revisions and wrote two new chapters on my work in progress. The only price I paid was having to move around every so often. So, it's working for me, but I'd still like to work on changing how my brain functions when I'm writing now.

I hope that once I get into a new flow, maybe I won't need those breaks as much anymore. I think they're actually more healthy for my body, of course, than just sitting at a desk for hours and hours, but just having my creativity be able to keep going for more than thirty minutes would be awesome. We will see if that changes.

Entering into this new stage of life where I have more time to myself was a little scary at first. I've had little ones for so many years I wasn't sure how I would deal with it. But so far, it's been a wonderful change. My productivity is up, my house is cleaner for a little longer, and I get to listen to all the new experiences my little one is having at school. It's a win for everyone!

Do you have creativity survival habits? How have you dealt with them when surviving wasn't the issue anymore?

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