Thursday, June 23, 2016

What I'm Reading Wednesday On Thursday

I know, I know, I should have posted this yesterday, but I've been preoccupied with holding my new grandbaby. It's the most amazing experience!

As we all just witnessed the miracle of birth and have a new baby fresh from heaven in our midst, my heart has been turned to Jesus Christ. I've been reading Emily Belle Freeman's book, The Christ-Centered Home. In it, she has gone through the four gospels and paid particular attention to the times when the Savior was in someone's home and what he taught there. I had honestly never thought to look for those patterns and have been amazed at the lessons the author points out.

In the book, she describes twelve scriptural accounts of how Jesus came to be in this person's home and what events transpires. Then, she talks about the lessons learned and combines them with stories on how she learned from this in her own life. I've always been particularly touched by all of these scriptures and Ms. Freeman points out perspectives that I hadn't considered, but have now been something I've been thinking about as I look at my own home. Would I be ready to receive my Savior? With twelve "lessons" you can try to implement each invitation for the Savior in your home each month for an entire year.

The twelve lessons in the book also include discussion questions for members of the family and even recipes for treats after the lesson. I thought the book was well thought-out and something I'm excited to try implementing in my own home with my family. It's not a long book, but there is a lot to think about with each chapter.  I'm definitely taking a second look at these familiar scripture stories and how I can invite the Savior into my home in a new way.

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Here's the back copy:

We often think of Jesus' ministry as teaching to the multitudes, feeding the 5,000, teaching in the temples and synagogues, teaching on the mountainside of the seashore. But many of His most personal teachings were done within the walls of a family's home. His followers invited Him into their personal spaces, and He blessed them, healed them, and performed miracles for them. So it is today. When we invite Jesus into our homes, we will also be blessed and healed and see miracles.

Best-selling author, Emily Belle Freeman invites readers to create a more Christ-centered home through a series of twelve stories featuring Jesus teaching in the home, including the houses of Zaccheaus, Jarius, and Peter and houses in Galilee, Jerusalem, and Capernaum. Freeman encourages families to experience a Christ-centered conversation, connection, and celebration. She writes, "Maybe you could set aside one night every month for your family to discuss an attribute of Jesus Christ and a lesson He taught within someone's home. Then you could set a family goal that would allow your family to connect personally with that lesson, and you could end the evening with a simple celebration." Invite Christ into your home and allow Him to make your home a home of refuge, grace, and joy.

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