Monday, June 27, 2016

Book Review and Giveaway!

I'm excited to be part of the blog tour for Kari Iroz's new book A Date With Danger.  This is a new LDS author and I think she will be one to watch.

Jacklyn Wyatt is a somewhat cliche twenty-five year old single LDS girl with a love for Mr. Darcy, the mama that is pressuring her to meet someone, and a beautiful best friend. Jack meets a mysterious man by stepping on him at a wedding reception, but then the creepy stuff starts to happen. She sees him at Panda Express, and then there is a silhouette of a person outside her apartment window. *shiver* And the suspense ball is rolling. Who is following her and why? 

Damon Wade is head of a task force hunting down a kidnapper who uses the same online dating website that Jacklyn is on. He recruits her to try and flush out the kidnapper, but things go from fact-finding to right in the middle of a case that could get Jack killed. 

I loved the interaction between Damon and Jack and thought their banter was witty and funny. They were thrown into extreme situations, yet the author kept it fairly realistic. There were a few times when Jack's actions were more that of a teenager than a young adult, but overall, she was snarky and a good match for the mystery and our hero. I liked that she had a solid foundation in her family and friends, but also was very relatable to any girl who has ever felt overlooked and deals with it in different ways that don't always end well. Jack was sweet and clumsy, vulnerable and stubborn, and someone you would want for a friend in real life.

Damon was the hero with secrets, dashing and silent, until the line between professional and personal is blurred. I really liked how he tried to balance his job with his growing feelings for Jack. He was written with depth and that always makes the character more intriguing. The case was full of twists and turns as well and I was quickly turning pages to find out who the villain was. The ending was a tad rushed, but it was satisfying and I closed the book with a smile. (I'm wondering if this will be a series since some of the secondary characters were definitely interesting enough to have their own book.)

I thought the writer did a great job with descriptions (although some of the Provo locations mentioned are no longer existing), but where she really stood out was her talent in writing a unique voice for Jack with her quirkiness and perspective. The author has an ability to draw the readers in which will definitely make her a favorite among LDS suspense readers. I know I'll be looking for her next book!

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Here's the back copy:

She just wanted to shake up her love life. Jacklyn (Jack) Wyatt is the typical twenty-five-year-old living the typical Provo single life with the typical bad luck—at least until the FBI recruits her for a completely different type of dating.

A young woman has gone missing, and all signs point to her online dating profile as the kidnapper's operating ground. But when suspects who crossed paths with the missing girl begin contacting Jack, the FBI sees its opportunity for an inside man—er, woman.

Now Jack will have to play the field, dating each of the men in an attempt to weed out the kidnapper. But with such an unusual array of characters vying for her attention, pinpointing the culprit may prove even harder than finding Mr. Right. And as more young women disappear, will Jack stay professional and objective, even with the handsome Special Agent Damon Wade just a whisper in her hidden microphone away?

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