Sunday, October 4, 2015

Almost Da Bomb Hawaii Five-O Thoughts/Recap

The episode starts out with a bomb squad robot going in to a building and handling a briefcase. Oddly, they blow up the briefcase INSIDE THE BUILDING. Glad there wasn't a bomb in there because dang, that would be awkward. Yeah, sorry we exploded the bomb inside your building and brought it down. Oops.

Everyone is all relieved and heading to their cars when a car bomb explodes killing some of the bomb squad team and injuring several others. It was actually really sad.

Cut to Kono and Adam doing physical therapy. Kono thinks that's enough for the day, but Adam is all, no way, I'm going to do this. He wants to get out of there. Aww. Poor Adam. He stumbles and gets frustrated with Kono. She assures him there wasn't anything else he could have done. He had to give the money to Gabriel or they'd both be dead. Or else Kono would be going through a lot of dental treatments right now. She doesn't seem any worse the wear for having a couple of teeth pulled, though.

The team gets caught up in the bombing, of course, when we're in a TV studio getting ready to run the story. A producer maybe? Some guy with a headset ordering people around sees a mysterious man set down a briefcase near the elevators so he evacuates the building. Steve and Danny come with the bomb squad and they again detonate it inside the building. Yikes. Nothing in it again except a thumb drive. They play it and it's a creepy poem about DuClair, the firebug that Five-0 put away a while back. So our boys go visit him in prison.

DuClair doesn't have a clue what's going on, he claims, but wants to see the crime scene photos. Danny pulls some out and DuClair admires the work, then wants to see victim photos. Ew. You can tell he definitely loves fire. The man is sick. He doesn't know anything, though, so they leave. Chin gives some background on the ladybug poem, Cath volunteers to look through all of DuClair's prison correspondence. Best part about that scene? The smile Steve gave Catherine when she volunteers to help. He loves having her there and I do, too.

But the show is getting so desperate to give Jerry something to do, they have him drive Kono and Adam home in his smelly mini-van. I mean, seriously? Both of them have close family and friends and they got stuck with Jerry? Ugh.

I am so beyond annoyed they are giving him an office. I'd rather see Chin or Grover use that airtime. Or just pause the camera on Steve wearing a blue dress shirt. A nice Grace and Danny scene. Heck, I'd rather see random scenery images of Hawaii. But, I digress.

Adam rolls Kono over the threshold in his wheelchair. That man has arms! It's a really great scene between them, though, affirming that they're committed to this marriage and whatever happens. Then she spots a Yakuza car and runs after it, but it drives away. She calls Duke to run a plate.

Chin noticed one of the stamps on the letter didn't match up so they peeled off the stamp and found writing on the back of it. Once they translated it, they figured out DuClair's admirer was Tim Richards. A team is sent to the guy's house and even though they know he's a bomber out to kill first responders, they breach the house without any care and get themselves blown up. I mean, who was the commanding officer who ordered that? I hate it when they make law enforcement look like rookies, but of course it ups the ante to find the bomber.

In the car Danny is asking Steve if he bailed on proposing to Catherine and Steve is all, no, I've secured the ring, reconned the location, and now just needs to execute. Danny laughs and says he can see it all now, "babe, will you join my unit for a lifelong mission?" I actually thought it was a really cute scene and I could sorta see Steve doing that. Haha.

Just then they spot Richards car and he gives them a short chase. When they get him to interrogation he says he has no idea about DuClair, he was just transcribing the letters for someone else. Lou comes in with a recording of a phone call DuClair got, telling them the barking dog needs to be put down. Guess who the barking dog is, Richards?

The boys go back to see DuClair who is smiling now. Steve gets a phone call from the poet who says look outside. When they do there is a recording of the aftermath of the house explosion that day. Steve and Danny go down to the projector on top of the car and Steve gets a call again, telling them they have to release DuClair the next morning or there will be more blood on their hands.

Shockingly, they don't even negotiate, they just do what the serial murderer asks and get DuClair released. They have GPS in his shoes and they're tracking the phone that called Steve's. They track it back to the palace and evacuate everyone since there's a bomb in a van outside. Steve is instructed to drive north with DuClair.

Back at Casa Kono, she's looking out the window for the Yakuza, but Adam tells her to come sit down, that he's not worried it was just a show of force. Um, yeah, I'd be worried if I were you, since you owe them a boatload of money.

The team gets footage of the guy who dropped the bomb van off and identify him as Andre Trout. Chin and Lou go to his house and find a wall of articles and pictures of DuClair. They realize Trout wants DuClair dead and tell Danny and Steve that. Danny and Steve have uncuffed DuClair and left him in the mountains. They rush back to find Trout now standing over DuClair (who he's shot in the leg and doused with gas) and has a lighter. Everybody runs away and even though DuClair is wounded in the leg, he still gets away. (Although I did like Steve telling Danny to call Cath. It's just nice having her back helping the team.) Of course, DuClair left the boots behind so he's gone.

The Palace bomb is defused and now they're just trying to figure out why Trout would want to kill DuClair. It's late and Steve is alone in his office. Catherine comes in to see if he'll come home and it's a really sweet scene between them.  He thanks her for coming home and she says there's nowhere she'd rather be. (*le sigh* I love them.) She goes to get him some coffee since he's probably going to pull an all-nighter. (They did foreshadow something with her saying that's who they were, with the job coming first and it makes my heart sad. I want Steve to have balance since he has a very stressful job and he deserves to have and be in love. Let him have one stable, solid relationship outside of work in his life.)

Anyway, he gets a call from DuClair to come to a restaurant alone. Steve does it and holds a gun on DuClair under the table. Why isn't anyone even mentioning that DuClair would have to stink to high heaven after being doused with gas and he's bleeding from a leg wound? Anyway, he yaps on about Trout being a fame-seeker and that freedom is DuClair's prison since he needs to be locked away so he doesn't act on his thoughts. He gives Steve a key to a post office box and then Danny and Lou take him into custody and clear the restaurant. No one looked particularly sad they had to leave, either. Was the food terrible? Glad they didn't have to pay?

Steve goes to the PO Box and finds a jar of ashes. Is that supposed to be Trout? I have no clue, but it was a bit anticlimactic.

Kono jumps out of bed to see the Yakuza car back. Instead of calling for backup, she goes out in her nightwear to confront them alone and finds the two guys inside already dead. Uh oh. Poor Adam should have been more worried. Told ya so.


Anonymous said...

I am so, so, SO frustrated with Five-0 right now. I wanted to pick up the Danny/Charlie story and instead got stuck with wasted McRoll story line. I can't stand Catherine and I wish they'd never brought her back or had her break up with him via text or something.

Jerry didn't bug me much when he was guesting and I *love* Jorge Garcia but there isn't enough for him to do.

And I'm not real hopeful about Adam's future based on the episode from the 16th.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

I would much rather see the Danny/Charlie storyline than anything with Jerry in it. He has nothing to do, as you said, and doesn't add anything to the storyline for me. He's just so childlike and unrealistic it annoys me to no end. And I love watching Danny in storylines with children in it. Scott Caan knocks that stuff out of the park.

Bringing Catherine back was such a waste when they didn't even give her a good reason to leave! Such a bait and switch when the show promoted the heck out of a possible engagement for Steve and showed how happy he was, but never gave them a chance to talk or anything else. It was all just a big suckfest for anyone who likes McRoll, that's for sure. I can't even bring myself to post my thoughts on her goodbye episode because it just is one long rant still. Sigh. It bothers me because they have written every single woman in Steve's life as a liar or dead. Why do they refuse to write a good woman in his life? Why do they have such a glaring lack of women on the show? Ugh.

I like gray area Adam, but I hate it when they write him as too dumb to live. He's been in the mob business a long time---write him like that! Smart and savvy, not some newbie who has no clue, you know?

Glad to find another H50 fan! Thanks for commenting, Jayne!