Sunday, September 6, 2015

McRoll Part 5--We've Got This

This is for Lucky and all my McRoll girls. Never give up hope! There is one more part after this, to finish off my version of McRoll from the last season finale. Not much longer and we'll get our season opener, hopefully with some amazing McRoll moments! *fingers crossed*

As always, I do not own these characters and this is just for fun and entertainment purposes.

Part 5
We've Got This

Catherine stood at the table where she’d been so many times in the past, listening to Kono tell them what she’d found.  This time, though, the crisis was unlike anything they’d ever faced. So many people would be killed and hurt, the island irrevocably changed if they didn’t find that nuke.  Her heart sank, seeing what they were really up against.  Could they really find it with so little time?

She gripped the edge of the table.  They could and they would do this.  They had to. This team was the only chance the island had.  And every face that surrounded that computer screen trying to save the day was dear to her.  That was the one and only bright spot to the entire thing¾being here with Steve and her closest friends.  She couldn’t imagine how it would have felt if she’d been halfway around the world and something had happened to any of them.

That was the real problem, though. She’d stayed away, used her time in Afghanistan to try and forget what she was leaving behind here to pay her debt there. In the end, it felt like she’d paid a hundredfold. Life had gone on for them and stood still for her. How many nights had she lain awake in the heat of that faraway country wondering¾did Steve miss her as much as she missed him?  Did the team ever think about her?  Had her sacrifice been worth it?

She brought her mind back to the present when Chin came in, giving them a solid lead on where the nuke could be. They headed out and as they reached the door, Steve held it open for her.  She gave him a small smile, which he returned. Just like old times.  How often had she watched this team save the world? And they would do it again, she had no doubt.

They slipped into their routine, as if Catherine had never left and she was grateful.  With Kono beside her in the car, running back up for the boys, her nerves settled down a bit.  She kept a close distance between her and Steve, matching his driving skills when he whipped around the corner and cut off the trolley.  Within seconds she was out of the car with Kono, guns drawn. 

Muscle memory took over as Steve took care of things and she watched his back. He really is amazing to watch in action, she thought.  Cool, collected, and in charge.  Even with a nuke in front of him. But when Catherine glimpsed that nuke and heard Steve tell Danny they couldn’t disarm it, her palms began to sweat. A nuclear weapon might be the one thing bigger than even Steve McGarrett.  It was too dangerous. 

She didn’t voice her thoughts as Steve made the decision not to wait for the military to come and disarm it.  They all rallied to help him, as they always did. It’s logical, she told herself, but it didn’t calm her at all. So many risks with his life and Danny’s.

As if he could read her thoughts, Steve called to her.  “Catherine, we’re going to take care of this and get it on the helo. You be the lead, okay?” His voice soothed her and when he glanced at her for confirmation, all she could do was nod. She would always help him, always be there when he needed her.  That was something he didn’t need to question.  

But questions were still running through her mind. Even though she would lead the way and get him there as fast as possible, what if he didn’t come back? What if they didn’t get a chance to talk and she could tell him how she really felt?  There was so much she wanted to say, but the words clogged in her throat.  She turned away and got in the car. Focus. Steve needs you if he’s going to get the nuke off the island.  In her heart she knew the only person who could do it was Steve.  And she would do whatever he asked her to do.

As she drove, she watched him in her rearview, assuring herself he was still there.  So many scenarios ran through her mind as to what could happen.  Fear began to squeeze her heart, but she pushed it back.  They could do it.  Kono reached over and touched her arm.  “It’ll be okay.”

Catherine tried to smile, but felt the tears stinging the back of her eyes.  “We’ve got this.”

They didn’t say anything else, each lost in their own thoughts.  Getting out of the car, she watched Steve unload the nuke from the trolley, feeling helpless, wanting to go to him and knowing she couldn’t. There was no way she would let him see her emotion when he needed her to be strong.  Steve gave her a quick look, his eyes serious, telling her the things he couldn’t say.  There was no time for words, but she knew what he was thinking anyway. She was thinking the same thing. 

They needed more time.

As she watched the helo fly away, it felt like her heart was flying away with it. Come back to me, she thought.  Shielding her eyes until the helo was only a black dot on the horizon, she looked heavenward and murmured. “Please.”


LuckyStar Phạm said...

Wow. I think this chapter is definitely better than the previous chapter. I like that you didn't invent any other detail, just completely based on what happened on 525.

I wish at the end, before Steve went to the helicopter, at least there could be a reassuring hug...

And this particular sentence gives me goosebumps!!! Soooo insightful!!!

"Steve gave her a quick look, his eyes serious, telling her the things he couldn’t say. There was no time for words, but she knew what he was thinking anyway. She was thinking the same thing."

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

I'm so glad you liked it, Lucky! Readers like you make it all worth it. :)