Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hawaii Five-O's Season Premiere--Murder, Mayhem, And Pirates!

Well, the season premiere of Hawaii Five-O had a little bit of everything for me--tons of action, a little romance, and a fun case.

The show starts back in 1884 and some pirates are in Honolulu taking the king and his guests hostage until they get the key to the treasury. (The king has really incompetent guards I'll tell you that.) They steal a painting and all the candelabra, too, for good measure.

Cut to present day where we're watching a bloody TV with some old guy on it telling the pirate tale. And the person on the couch who was watching the video is dead, bullet to the head. The killer presses stop on the ancient VCR and takes the VHS-looking tape out and leaves. (Who knew VCRs were still around?)

Then we're back at Kono's wedding where the happy couple is introduced. They seriously looked so in love, it was awesome. But is our team basking in that glow? No, Chin is telling them what happened with Gabriel in the parking lot.  Everything is super serious until Catherine mentions it's really time to celebrate with Kono, so, you know, shut up and dance. (Is that song going through your head now? It's in mine again.) But when everyone started dancing it sort of looked like this:

Best part of the dance scenes for me, though? Steve and Catherine are super cute with the "You still got it" and the kiss on the dance floor---Be still, my heart. Her "it took you long enough" made me smile. I really, really want them to have that talk. But, instead, they partied hard and went home and passed out fully clothed in their wedding attire in Steve's bed. Steve gets a phone call and has to head to a case of course, but they promise to talk later.

This is what I wish Steve would do with his phone sometimes.

When the guys get to the murder scene they find a bunch of tapes all of some professor interviewing the old guy who claims to be the last remaining pirate who knows what happened to that treasure. (Um, dude, you'd have to be over 100 years old and he doesn't look it. Like, at all. And pirates didn't live all that long in their chosen profession, so . . . yeah, that one was hard to swallow.)  Anyway, the professor who did all those interviews vanished and his life's work of researching that treasure was sold a few weeks back to a fiction writer. And the fiction writer who bought it is the newly dead guy. The gang figures out the missing tape must have had clues about the missing pirate treasure.

So, while they're headed back to the office, Danny asks if Steve and Catherine have had the talk yet and Steve says they haven't. Danny is pressing him about it, saying he could understand if he was scared since she hurt him once and Steve is all, I'm not scared. I'm going to ask her to marry me.

Danny's happy, Steve's happy, and I'm happy. Oh yeah. Let's just bask in that for a minute, shall we?

*le sigh*

But Kono and Adam are only able to be happy for one night. Adam has made her a wedding breakfast and they're all cute and lovey dovey, talking about Mrs. Noshimuri and Mr. Kalakaua, but then the doorbell rings and Adam goes to answer it. (My question is, why are they at Adam's place for their honeymoon? Really? Not even enough money for one night at a hotel? And who answers their door on their honeymoon? But I digress.) Of course it's Gabriel and he tazes them both. When Kono comes to, Gabriel is beating Adam. He wants Adam to transfer all his assets that he was going to give to the Yakuza to Gabriel. Kono points out that they'll kill Adam if he gives him that money and Gabriel says he'll kill Adam if he doesn't. Uh oh.

A reported gas leak at the museum is a diversion for our criminal mastermind to steal a painting, but a security guard shows up and it turns into a hostage situation. Five-O head over, but when they go in, the painting and our criminal is gone. So's the hostage, but she was a fake hostage and was in on it. They got away with a priceless painting, though, and it happens to be the same as the one the pirates stole in the 1800s! The cases are intertwined!

Back at Casa Noshimuri, Kono's mouth is taped and Gabriel is beating Adam for the access codes to transfer the money. When Adam says he won't, Gabriel brings in reinforcements of a creepy guy in a mask. He comes in and starts pulling out Kono's teeth. So hard to watch! Adam agrees to give Gabriel the money if he'll leave Kono alone, but they have to go to the bank in person to do it.

At HQ, Jerry tells the team that the painting was probably a treasure map (he's "helping" out until Kono gets back. At least he didn't bug me as bad this episode as he has in the past.) and there's a tear in the painting so that's probably where they buried the stolen loot. So, the team goes out to see where Jerry thinks the treasure is hidden and while they're hiking around Danny decides he can't hold it in anymore and tells everyone that Steve is getting married.

Steve is all, dude, really? But everyone else is all

I love that they're all so happy for him.  But we still have to get through that dang talk that the phone calls keep interrupting so that is the one raincloud on this happy occasion. But still, let's go back to basking for a minute that he wants Catherine to be his wife.

*le sigh*

Okay, well, once they get in the cave, they find the missing professor who'd been interviewing the not-so-very-old-but-claiming-to-be-a-pirate-from-the-late-1800s guy and he's dead. Looks like he fell, though, so no foul play. The team figures out that our museum thieves rented a sailboat so the guys head over there. They don't find anyone, but the painting is on a table with the frame ripped off. Jerry sees notches on the frame and lines them up to make an X marks the spot. 

Poor Kono is alone with the dental torturer guy in the white mask. He's the brooding type, so he goes outside to stare at the ocean. (Does no one think it's odd he goes out where he could be spotted wearing that bizarre mask? I thought that was weird.) He's also apparently a beginner torturer because he leaves all his instruments within Kono's grasp. She grabs a scalpel, gets her wrists free and then drives the scalpel up into the guy's chin when he comes to see what she's doing. Ick. She gets into a car and hotfoots it over to the bank. She comes in really bloody and with a gun and everyone gets out of her way. She spots Gabriel and Adam, and the shootout begins. Gabriel gets away, but shoots Adam first. Kono runs over to him, cradling him in her lap while he bleeds out, yelling for someone to call for help. *sniff* Poor Adam.

The team ends up at some house with the coordinates from the frame. The family is tied up inside, but Steve waits for the perfect moment---when the bad guy is getting a drink from the fridge--and takes him down.  The rest of the team oddly waits upstairs while Steve goes down to take care of the guy's partner. She comes at him with a gun, a drill thing that looked dangerous, you name it. Steve finally has to shoot her and then it's safe for the rest of the team to come down and clean up. They open the chest that has just been dug up and it's a bunch of silverware and candlesticks. I guess that guy being interviewed wasn't really a pirate and lied about everything. Ya think? Oh well, case closed. 

Chin gets a call from Kono and the team heads over to the hospital to comfort a bloody and shell-shocked looking Kono who informs them that Gabriel has the money they were going to give the Yakuza. And well, the Yakuza will probably kill both her and Adam over it.  Adam is in surgery for his wounds and I know we're all thinking the same thing:

So, a good start to the season. Good cast balance, good storyline, and some great foundation for the characters and the season's themes.

Until next week . . .

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