Friday, September 11, 2015

Double Friday Freebie

I have two Friday Freebies for you today!

The first one is Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. It's the book that the musical Wicked was based off of. We went to Wicked the musical last year and I really liked it! I haven't read the book, but hey, it's free so now's obviously the time!

Download your free copy here

Here's the back copy:

This is the book that started it all! The basis for the smash hit Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, Gregory Maguire's breathtaking New York Times bestseller Wicked views the land of Oz, its inhabitants, its Wizard, and the Emerald City, through a darker and greener (not rosier) lens. Brilliantly inventive, Wicked offers us a radical new evaluation of one of the most feared and hated characters in all of literature: the much maligned Wicked Witch of the West who, as Maguire tells us, wasn’t nearly as Wicked as we imagined.

The second one is Book One in Teyla Branton's series, The Change. The fifth book in the series is set to come out at the end of the month and I can't wait! If you want to see how it all started, you'll definitely want this one.

Download your free copy here:

Here's the back copy:

Death, Life, or Love—Unbounded Always Play for Keeps

There are only two ways to kill Unbounded, and fire isn’t one of them—as law school dropout Erin Radkey learns the hard way. By fluke of a recessive gene, she has become Unbounded, a nearly immortal being with paranormal abilities.

Erin’s Change separates her from her loved ones and alters everything she believes to be true. A week earlier she was considering a marriage proposal; now she contemplates the best way to stay alive. Caught in a battle between two Unbounded groups, the Emporium and the Renegades, she is also hunted by a secret mortal society sworn to eradicate the Unbounded gene.

As Erin plunges into this dangerous new life, she must carve out her own place in the madness, protect her mortal family, and decide which group she should join. Her unique ability is vital to both groups in the race to secure an identification software that spells death for all Unbounded—or enslavement for the entire mortal world. Some will stop at nothing to use Erin as one more pawn in a battle that has spanned centuries. Erin’s undeniable attraction to Ritter Langton, whose family was massacred by opposing Unbounded two hundred and forty years ago, complicates her choices. There are no second chances. Death, life, or love—Unbounded always play for keeps.

Non-stop action, terrifying consequences, and powerful romance make The Change an exciting addition to the world of romantic urban fantasy.


Sonia said...

Please don't waste your time reading Wicked by Gregory MaGuire. I tried reading it when I heard about the musical. I didn't get much further than the first three chapters. It was awful and perverted. I had a friend who said that she wouldn't have let me even start if she had known about it. The musical was good and family friendly. The book is not.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Oh thanks for letting me know! I really appreciate that.