Monday, June 9, 2014

Book Review: As You Are

Today I want to tell you about Sarah Eden's book, As You Are.  This is another installment of the Jonquil brothers and even gives me an update on my favorite couple, Lord and Lady Cavratt.  Sigh. Still love them.

Anyway, this book is about Corbin Jonquil who has been admiring the new widow in the neighborhood from afar.  Well, the closest he's gotten is sitting behind her in church.  He thinks of all the things that he might say to her, but when it comes right down to it, he's so incredibly shy he can't speak to her beyond a sentence or two.  This character trait is so well-written I seriously felt sorry for him.  He stutters and is so painfully shy it's painful to read!  But he has a heart of gold and loves his family, his horses, and his staff.

Clara Bentford is trying to keep a low profile, but with all the tongues wagging she's the object of curiosity. She's so grateful when Mr. Jonquil saves her from a flurry of questions she'd rather not answer, but when she invites him for tea to express her gratitude, he acts like he disapproves of her and is very aloof. But there's something about him and the more she gets to know him, the more of a puzzle he seems.

I loved their stories---individually and together---and how genuine it seemed with these two lonely people trying to overcome their obstacles and find love.  Ms. Bentford's backstory was particularly difficult to read because of its realism, especially in the parameters of the times when women were little more than belongings to some.  I loved that she'd overcome so much, though, and it really fleshed out her character and added a layer that drew me to her.

There were some very tender moments, some really great dialogue, and an excellent backdrop of the Jonquil family.  I loved that we got an update on all the other brothers, and that there were some fun scenes with the family we've previously met. I really hope we see Jason's story at some point. And Charlie's. As you can see this is a family I would like to read about for a long time to come!

A definite two thumbs up from this Sarah Eden fan!

Here's the back copy:

A horse breeder by trade, Corbin Jonquil is more at home in the stables than in the ballroom of his sprawling estate. Corbin is the quietest of the Jonquil brothers and has always faded into the background, contentedly unnoticed. When a mysterious young widow, Mrs. Clara Bentford, moves into the neighborhood, however, Corbin quickly comes to realize that being noticed has its advantages. But how to catch the eye of the lady?

According to his brothers, Corbin need only make a few simple changes to transform himself into the object of any woman's desire - dubious advice, indeed. Following a series of misadventures, Corbin and Clara slowly lower the facades behind which they've been hiding, leaving Corbin shocked by the horrors that haunt the woman he's coming to care for so ardently. When the menace of Clara's past threatens to tear them apart and tensions mount, will the couple have the courage to fight for the promise of forever?


Debra Erfert said...

It seems like I've been waiting forever for the next Jonquil book to come out. Thanks for letting us know about it!

Debra Erfert said...

I found the book on Amazon, but you have a different book cover than what shows up on that site. Not that I really care.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Hmmm...weird on the cover thing!

I know you'll love this one. It was good. :)