Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Didn't Want To Write Today, So Guess What I Did?

I'm still having troubles getting into a writing rhythm, or really getting anything remotely writing related started.  I want to, but the joy hasn't been there.

I've had writer's block before, and this isn't that, it's just a writer blah sort of feeling that I've been dealing with for a while.  I know, I know, weird.  But true.

Today, instead of writing during my allotted writing time, I spent some time watching JAG clips on Youtube. (Don't judge, I loved that show! Except for the ending. That sucked.) Now, don't laugh. There's a point to this.

As I was watching JAG, I was looking at what the writers had done with the show and several key episodes.  There's some great chemistry with the lead actors that is completely exploited as they work their cases and deal with a boatload of obstacles. (Boatload, get it? haha Sorry.)  There's a supporting cast that emphasizes the lead people as more than just military cut outs.  That emotion adds an extra layer to the believability and connection the audience feels.

This got me thinking about my Hostage Negotiation Team series and the characters I've created. Not to mention what happens to them all in the Captain's story.  It really spoke to me about layers and connection and chemistry.  It gave that little seed of joy some sunshine to grow in.  All just in watching clips from a favorite TV show. Who knew?

Have you ever had the writer blahs? How did you get through it?


Debra Erfert said...

I'm working through that right now. I didn't realize that a short story could have a middle slump slowdown. I know exactly where I want this story to go--I can see it, but the transition of scenes is proving difficult. Or maybe it's just boring. I don't want to bore the reader! *shoulders slump* When I'm writing a long manuscript, I haven't had this problem. Is it unique to short stories? I might've bitten off more than I can chew. I hate that thought.

Julie Bellon said...

Debra, maybe you've got something there! My slump didn't hit until I tried writing MY novella! Hmmmm....