Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hawaii Five-O Review--Some New Beginnings

Hawaii Five-O is back and last night was like three little glimpses into the new beginnings of our characters.

Let's start with Danny.  He's dropping his daughter off at cheer camp and she has barely a glance and a "bye, Danno," for him. He's disturbed by this sign of her growing up and gets on the phone with Steve to "discuss" it.  Steve is trying to listen and help his friend out, but Captain Grover, who is sitting next to Steve in the car demands the phone.  He proceeds to tell Danny that he hasn't seen anything yet. Wait until his daughter wants him to take her bra shopping or when the first boyfriend shows up.  So Danny needs to put his big boy pants on and suck it up.  Haha. Man, I loved that conversation.  Danny doesn't and asks to be put back on with Steve.

While this conversation is going on, Danny is filling his car up with gas and a beautiful woman is there asking for directions.  He gives them to her, tells her he's from New Jersey, and they go their separate ways.  Sort of. Danny decides to help her find where she's going and takes off after her, only she's shot while driving and he ends up getting an ambulance for her instead.  And then investigating who the shooter was.  I liked their little hospital scene and it seemed really natural between them. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

The second "new beginning" was Kono finding Adam as a dishwasher in a restaurant.  All I could think when I saw him was how far he'd fallen, really, from his position as head of his family and a worldwide business to a dishwasher. And that he knows his way around a sink.  Kono hugs him and tells him that it's okay to go home now and they do.  The welcome scene back in Hawaii where the team "and friends" hugged them both was great.

The third was Steve and Captain Grover. I like them as partners because Grover doesn't take any of Steve's crap. It's funny.  "It's called being humble, you should try it sometime."  Haha. Steve's face when Grover makes these kind of comments cracks me up.  They're looking for Grover's friend, a bartender that was jumped by two guys, but ended up killing one and putting the other in the hospital. There's the requisite twists and turns where it comes out that this philanthropist bartender who donates to law enforcement causes is actually wanted by the FBI for armed robbery and killing a woman when he crashed the getaway car into her car.  It comes out that the victim's husband has put out a hit on him for revenge, but Five-O catches him and orchestrates a little scene between the two men so apologies can be given.  I liked the emotional scenes with the bartender and his family, but the true gem was Grover and Steve's banter.  I hope that Steve and Grover will have more cases to work together in the future. 

Did you see it? What did you think?

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Debra Erfert said...

No, didn't see it, but it sounds good. I helped out with my husband's scout class last evening, and then I had a Relief Society class to go to. Not much time for TV.