Thursday, January 31, 2013

Writing Romantic Foo Foo Stuff

Well, there's some romance in my work-in-progress.  Surprise!

If you've read my previous books you know that they're more adventure with a splash of romance.  But this one seems to be moving more in a half and half direction with the adventure and romance.  Which makes it a tiny bit harder for me to write.  Mostly because I like action stuff and sometimes it's hard to slow down and really feel the emotion.  So I'm slowing myself down.

Today, though, it's been hard to write the romantic foo foo stuff because I'm tired and grumpy.  Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to be romantic in real life when you're grumpy and tired?  That's how it is for a writer, too, trying to capture the emotion of it all.

I know some of my writer friends try out different scenarios for the romance scenes with their significant others (like hand placement during a kiss, for example, is there hands running through hair? Over a back?) and I thought that might help me, but my husband had to go to work.  So no luck there.

I thought about watching a romantic show, but the only one I could find was A Walk to Remember and we all know how that ends.  Not good in the romance department.  And if I start watching Alias or Scarecrow and Mrs. King DVDs I'll never get any work done.

So, I'm stuck.  Maybe I'll skip ahead to a death or action scene to match my mood.  *sigh*

Do you ever have that happen, when you just can't get into the groove of the scene you want to write?  How do you overcome it?


Jon Spell said...

Usually if I'm grumpy or tired, I can't get myself to write at all. Which is why I haven't finished a manuscript yet!

I love the phrase "romantic foo foo" - it's so patently absurd. You're the first hit on Google when I search the phrase in quotes. =)

My WIP is supposed to have some romance in it, but it ain't in there yet. =) It's the gender reversal - romance from HER point of view. I was hoping the Notebook would help, and I guess it has helped a little. (Hoo boy, the scene after the rain storm... steamy! Not ready for that yet!)

Watch the Princess Bride, or While You Were Sleeping, or ... the last season finale from Castle. ;)

Debra Allen Erfert said...

I think I've watched every romantic movie the Hallmark channel ever produced. Since they're clean, I don't feel embarrassed watching them. And since I write like I'm watching a movie, I just let the characters lead the way, naturally.