Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Castle and Hawaii Five-O Wrap-Up---Oh My!

Both shows last night were fairly unique.  Hawaii Five-O let the audience choose the ending (and they chose poorly in my opinion.)  You could go to CBS.com to see the other two endings that weren't chosen, and I was glad I did.

There were three suspects in the professor's death (and did they really have to show the acid-riddled body? I'm really starting to hate how graphic they're being with the bodies lately.  But I digress).  Anyway, there was the boss, the teacher's assistant, and the cheating student.  So the audience voted during the show and . . . turn away if you haven't watched already . . . but the boss won.  Which didn't make a lot of sense to me because the teacher's assistant had a motive and opportunity.  He was holding a grudge against the professor and knew a lot about him, including his long nights in the lab.  Oh well.  The boss was okay, but the actor wasn't that great in my opinion.  (And if you do go to see the alternate endings, it's really just putting a different face on the guy trying to shoot the researcher on the island.  No new info or scenes or anything like that.)

Danny's nephew was incredibly annoying throughout the episode, but I did like him sending that pic to all of Danny's address book.  The look on Danno's face was so funny.  Another highlight was the slow speed chase and Kono with that slimeball with a heart they've brought back to the island. (I'm not even going to attempt to spell his name).  Overall, a good episode, but not quite as good as normal with the ending issue.

Castle on the other hand was funny and heartwarming from beginning to end.  It wasn't a Caskett-centric episode as it concentrated mostly on Esposito, but I liked fleshing out his character.  And there were more great one-liners like, "I know you're not a cop with that flashy shirt and poofy hair."  (Which makes Castle look in the mirror behind him.  So. Funny.)  We also had, "I want to talk to the hottie detective,"  "You're looking at him."  Haha!  And of course, the line from Espo to Ryan, "the lady makes records that are only listened to by 12 year old girls and you."

I liked finding out more of Esposito's previous life and how hard he had it.  I like that he had a teacher for a mentor.  I liked that he was so tough, yet had a tender side with the kid.  The banter between the two of them was so funny.  "Houdini?  Who's that?"  "How old are you anyway?"  "Ancient." When I first saw the episode description I thought it might be the kid of the lady from the Santa episode and Espo would take him under his wing, but I liked that it was a street kid with no one.  Esposito was protective of him with Shane and the bodyguard, and yet told the kid how it really was and showed him someone could care.  Really well done.

My favorite Caskett moment was the beginning, of course, and the conversation about if you pick a horrible movie then you lose a turn.  Beckett cuffing Esposito upside the head when he agreed with Castle was cute and funny.  I love their relationship and the chemistry with the four of them.

So, a pretty great episode of Hawaii Five-0 (and that sunset shot near the end completely enthralled me.  Hawaii, I love you and someday we will be together) and a great episode of Castle.  Twisty mysteries, funny one-liners, a girl really can't ask for more.

Do you watch a show and think of alternate endings?  What do you think when a show does that in real-time?


Debra Erfert said...

I'm an idiot. Missed Castle again. I'll go back to bed now...

No! I'll stay up and work on my WIP!

Julie, have you checked you Facebook messages lately?

Jon Spell said...

I will just happily skip over your H50 wrap up because we only watched Castle last night. Almost no relationshippy stuff, but packed with funny moments. Ryan having a fanboy moment with a singer, smoothing down his hair. Esposito getting in over his head with the boy. Castle being Castle, and I can't remember the scene, but there was one point where he made some suggestion that was actually like police procedure. I had a chill. That feeling you get when you realize that the non-police star could actually be a good detective every now and then. (Monk, Psych. But not the Mentalist.)

No Alexis, which makes me sad, but next week's ep will probably be more Alexis that I can watch. In the vein of the outfit she wore to the sci fi convention a couple of months ago. It's funny, I wouldn't think that the people who would enjoy that would actually enjoy the show.