Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Word Count Wednesday

Well, I was holding off on posting until I could have a word count, but more or less I'm just reading the chapter and changing a few words here and there.  So my word count is about 8.  Sad, I know.  But can I help it if this is an epic chapter that I love?  I submit that I cannot.

Have you ever had a chapter that seemed perfect and you kept reading it over and over because you were shocked?  Looking for problems, plot holes or weird turns of phrase?  That's me.  So far so good though.

How did you do this week?


Debra Allen Erfert said...

Yay! I'm so happy that you are happy about your epic chapter. Love can lift our spirits like nothing else--except chocolate. (In your case, Canadian chocolate.)

I accidentally wrote 1624 words this week. I didn't mean to steal away the time and write this much. And I guess it isn't really all that much since I've written that many words in an hour during our sprints. But it's amazing how just fiddling with a paragraph, or a scene can add up.

I've reread whole manuscripts thinking--did I really write this? This is so good! A best seller, no doubt! Now that does sound boastful, but considering nobody else in my family has come close to this (besides my dad back in the 1950s, and his was a short short story . . . still) I feel quite satisfied with me each time I turn a computer page. When I finally get that box of freshly printed books in February from the overworked postman, I'm turning around and mailing each of my siblings, and my dad, a signed copy! Yep! That's what I'll do.

It's time for that chocolate now.

Jon Spell said...

Let's talk a little more about that chocolate... what are we talking about here? Gourmet bars that you take a bite of and let it slowly melt on your tongue, working out the fine ingredients mixed with the cocoa?

Or Hershey's Drops? If they were frozen, I could seriously eat a whole bag. (And then throw up or pass out from the sugar rush.)

I can finally post a word count of 675 as I've been polishing up my NaNo and sketching in some scenes that need to be there.

[lofty tone] Also, I've just joined a delightful online critique group and I have to say that it is going swimmingly. I think I appreciate the support the most, but the writing tips are good, too. =)

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

I love that feeling when I read something I wrote and it's actually good. And you have a whole chapter worth. Congratulations, Julie!

Sounds like everyone's happy. Debra's getting books in the mail and Jon found a crit group. Yay.

I met my rewrite deadline, and I'm back to my current wip. I thought I'd re-do the outline to get back into things, so my word count is about 300 words written on sticky notes.

Charlie Moore said...

Ah, word count. Let me see. Oh yeah, zero. I'm lazy. There really is no other excuse. Unless you consider I just had my LDS romantic suspence manuscript rejected after a certain publisher had it for 18 months and I've been wallowing in self-pity. I know things move slowly, but I felt that was a long time. I now will have to decide where to go next because I really like this story.

Debra Allen Erfert said...

18 months? Holy smoke. There is no excuse for them to be holding on to your manuscript for that long. They must've lost it. And to make it worse, rejecting you after keeping it out of your hands, or another publisher's hands for a year and a half. You shouldn't feel anything but a slow-brewing anger. But we're in the forgiving business, in a manner of speaking. There are other LDS publishers to submit to. Don't give up because of your bad, super bad experience with them. (shame on them! Double shame on them! waggles index finger at them! )