Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pinterest for Authors (and Regular People)

So, I joined Pinterest a few months back and I've found some awesome things on there.  Recipes for sugar cookie bars, fun stuff to do with my kids, and I've pinned a few things myself like If My Books Were Movies and then I cast them (with famous actors and such) and Books I've Loved.  It's been a fun place for me to hang out.  You can find me on Pinterest here if you want.

Until I read an article by Jordan McCollum about using Pinterest as an Author.  You can read it here.  (But don't get sucked in!  Come back to me!)

It told me so many things that I didn't know about Pinterest. (I should totally do an inspiration board, but I think that if I pinned things about international terrorists, somebody in the government might call me).  But it also talked about how to use it with other social media and the things you should never do.  Very informative.  So I thought I'd pass it along in case other people were wanting to know some tips and tricks to it.

Happy pinning!


C. Michelle Jefferies said...

You should see my paranormal board called "The world of the Avalon" its full of blood and weird things. Go ahead and put up your board. :)

Jordan McCollum said...

Thanks, Julie!!

I use some other, more private researching things to catalog the "iffy" research stuff (like Evernote). (I mean, Evernote is the tool. "Iffy" stuff is things like how to build an ANFO pipe bomb.) (FOR EXAMPLE. Not that—shutting up.)