Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I've Learned From NaNo So Far & Word Count Wednesday

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So, this is my first year doing NaNoWriMo and I'm doing okay.  I've got over 15,000 words and while I don't know if I'll make the 50,000 word goal, I'm happy with what I've learned from NaNo so far.

I've learned that I can turn my inner editor off and just write.  I haven't gone back to edit anything since I started this NaNo novel.

I've learned that writing sprints are very motivating for me and even when I have no idea what I'm going to write, my muse shows up and my fingers fly.  We're doing another one tonight at 8 p.m. if anyone wants to join us.

I've also learned that no one talks to me.  For some reason I had the idea that there was a NaNo community and people would buddy me and talk to me.  But sadly, I've not had anyone talk to me.  It's a little lonely.  Maybe I just imagined that this would be more of a cheerleading type joint effort to get that 50,000 words.  Maybe my expectations were too high.  But, no matter, since I have my bloggy friends to talk about it with, right?

How did your word count go this week?


Lindzee said...

You've got to check out the ning. :) There's usually at least one other person there to do sprints or brainstorm with. LOVE it. I rarely feel lonely as a writer now. It's great! You should come play with us sometime. It's usually busiest at night, but there are usually a few people there off and on during the day too.

Debra Allen Erfert said...

You can talk on NaNo? I didn't know that. I though that being a buddy the most we could do is sneak over to each other's pages and see how far behind we are from our buddy's word counts. :)

I'm up for a word sprint tonight. I may not be working on the same project as I was last week, but I still need to finish my WIP, and that means four more chapters and a smash up ending! I'm going through this afternoon and reading it since it's been a while, but I'll be ready tonight!

Britney Gulbrandsen said...

Yes! There are always people on iwritenetwork. I go on when I'm feeling lonely! Great job with your Nano! Woo!

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

No one talks to me on nano either, but if I were talking, I wouldn't be writing. I'll have to join you guys on one of your sprints or on ning--whatever that it. Nights are always crazy for me. I'm still enjoying Nano, even though I'm having a little brain cramp today.

Jon Spell said...

There are also other communities that are encouraging - there's one on Reddit that's awesome.

What's really bad is when you want someone to be your writing buddy, but they don't reciprocate. Even if you know them, and you've brought them treats before. Even when you send NaNo mail to them and they don't respond.... well, that's pretty lonely. I hope none of you ever have to deal with that. (Not that it matters, you don't actually have to buddy each other, I'm just sayin'.)

In related news, someone wants me to be their buddy, but I have no idea who they are, so I haven't buddied him/her back. I don't feel completely hypocritical about this.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Jon, I wish I knew how to buddy people. I've tried and tried and I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. So, to my six buddies, I'm sorry I'm not as smart as you.

Rebecca, that would be awesome.

Brittany, thank you!

Debra, I'll see you tonight.

Lindzee, I need to try that out. Thanks for the tip!

Debra Allen Erfert said...

Are we sprinting at 8? Hello?