Monday, November 19, 2012

Book Review Checkin' It Twice

I apologize for being late with my post today.  It was my birthday over the weekend and I partied hard every day and had a chocolate hangover this morning.

But I am excited to tell you about a book that got me into the holiday spirit.  Those of you who know me, you know I feel annoyed by Christmas music when it starts long before December and I feel all Bah Humbug until we're at least past Thanksgiving.  But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Checkin' It Twice.  It's a compilation of short Christmas stories and has something for everyone's taste.

I liked that some of the stories were spiritual, some were fun, some brought a tear to my eye, but all of them were ones I could read to my kids and we would walk away feeling good.  I'm always on the lookout for new Christmas stories we can add to our yearly Christmas readings and this one definitely had a couple that fit us.  I tried to choose my favorites, but honestly, they all had something to love about them.

It was a cute book full of Christmas cheer and it definitely got me in the Christmas spirit.

Here is the back copy:

Can Santa learn a lesson from the Savior?
Can a foreign exchange student help you see Christmas a little more clearly?
Do things really look better from a distance?
And just how many holiday ornaments does one woman need?

Get in the Christmas Spirit with Volume 2 of award-winning stories from LDS Publisher's 2010 and 2011 Christmas Story Contests! Sixteen short stories from popular LDS authors to help you remember the reason for the season!

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Jon Spell said...

I looked it up on the website, and some of those names sort of sound familiar, but most don't. I think Janice and Karlene comment here and I think I bought some kind of workbook from Weston Elliott. (?)

In my younger days (20s) I would listen to Christmas music year round. Now I wait until the traditional time. I do collect Christmas albums, though. When we got married and consolidated our CD collection, we had a shoebox full of Christmas CDs. Now we have two much bigger boxes and some overflowing. Going to have to see if we can hook up her ipod to the main receiver and get a good playlist going. =)

Janice Sperry said...

Jon - Weston Elliot did have workbooks she put out a few years back so it was probably her.

I've been looking forward to this Christmas season all year. My short story Slushballs is in this compilation and then my Candy Cane Queen story came out this year too. It's been a good year for Christmas stories.

Thanks for the review Julie!

mooderino said...

Happy Birthday!

Moody Writing

Kasey said...

Thanks for the positive review! I love new Christmas stories to read to my family as well. One of our favorite new traditions is to read "The Last Straw" and then try and fill our own little manger with soft straw when we do good deeds. Hopefully some of these stories will inspire new traditions for the readers.

Karlene said...

Thanks for the review! :)