Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh Castle You Were Doing So Well . . .

Well, I had nothing but gushing praise for last week's episode, but this week . . . meh.  I called who the killer was in the beginning (although I didn't see the best friend's boyfriend's crush) and Castle was acting like a first season man-boy.  It was also a little rehash of when Beckett was investigating the soap opera case and she was a fan, but was embarrassed about it to Castle.  Too much of the same.  Come on, writers, I know you can do better.

Like, when is Castle going to find out how much of a fan of his books Beckett really was and how reading his novels got her through her mother's death?  (As we found out from her old boyfriend). That could be such a fun and emotional show.  No need for Castle to look so goofy all the time.

And the thing with Alexis being barely dressed and Castle seeing her?  Felt so throwaway.  I was embarrassed for that one.  Oy.  And where can I start with Ryan's wardrobe choices from last night?  Just no.  Please stop with the weird jackets and vests.  Last night hurt my eyes to look at him.

The only redeeming quality to me about last night's show was the final scene.  That little dance in Castle's room and the mask was HILARIOUS!  In that one little scene they made the whole show feel like less of a drain.  Other than that, it wasn't one of my favorites.

Do you hate when shows rehash old themes from previous episodes?


Jon Spell said...

Well, personally, I enjoyed quite a lot of the episode. I did have that sense of deja vu from another episode (as you point out, the soap opera one) It was rather clumsily done with Castle continuing to heap load after load of crap on the show when it was so obvious Beckett was a fan. Seriously, how dumb is he?

The best part for me were all of the references zinging by. Such an obvious parallel between Nebula 9 and Firefly, and Castle even mentions Josh Whedon. Creavers instead of Reavers? (Beckett's final lines in the show were so, so hysterical.) I need to find some fan page where they point out all of the things I missed.

I'm dying to know who the fan was that Castle was signing a book for, had to be some author. I read somewhere that you can get graphic novels of Derrick Storm, but I would rather get the other 3 Castle books first. =)

I don't really understand the purpose of the Alexis scene at all. Or the following one at his place. I would have actually rather have seen his mom there (not in skimpy clothes, ewww) but in some extravagant costume, overacting.

(On the other spectrum, my wife doesn't want to watch one of the H50's because of the grisly previews.)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Jon, maybe it would have worked for me if I was a Firefly fan.

And I agree with your wife. The H50 was disturbing and dark and I deleted it as quickly as I could. I didn't have anything good to say about that ep at all. If they do many more eps as graphic and horrible as that, they will definitely lose this viewer, pretty Hawaiian scenery or not. :(

Thanks for clarifying on the Firefly stuff, though and I agree on the Martha thing. That would have been funny!

Debra Allen Erfert said...

In a word...yes.