Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hawaii Five-O Season Finale--What Were the Writers Thinking?

Last night's Hawaii Five-O Season Finale was full of a bit of everything.  I have to say the first thirty minutes were full of win.  The team being creepily watched, the fake phone call to Fryer and the scene in the alley.  Wow.  Tense.  Poor Max being shot had been spoiled in the previews, dang it, but it was still awesome to have the McDanno banter in the car while they were chasing the shooter back to . . . the police station.  haha.  Danny's comment, "the better question is why they're going back to HPD" was funny and the "I think it's the white one."  Man, I love Danny.  Although I figured out it was a woman and she was the one talking to Steve sooner than Steve did. 

Unfortunately, after the veterinarian's office scenes (they shot Steve!) it was sort of downhill from there.  The editing seemed choppy (we come back from commercial and Chin is setting Creepy Baldwin Brother free and we're all sitting there going, wha?  What happened?

It's sort of like the writers were sitting around the writing table going, okay, we've gotta end this thing.  Anyone been watching any good shows lately we could "borrow" from?

And one writer raises their hand and says, "hey we've got Reiko Aylesworth from 24.  She's good at the dead wife thing.  Why don't we use some of their old 24 standby stuff.  Like, have an impossible choice of who lives and who dies, then have Chin throw the bad guy up against something and grit through his teeth, "why are you doing this?"  Maybe he can channel Kiefer and no one will notice.  (Although no one will ever touch The Velvet of Kiefer.  And I totally called it when they brought Reiko back for a quickie courtship and wedding that she would be dead or dying.)

Head writer nods head and writes that down.

The next writer has been watching their favorite soap and says that since we've already done Danny cheating with the ex and a Who's the Daddy storyline, now it's time to go for custody.  (And seriously, who leaves their phone in the car like that?  It was so odd and totally plot point.)

Head writer nods head and writes that down.

The next writer has been watching a lot of Claire Danes/Romeo and Juliet/Shakespeare stuff and goes with those themes for Kono.  (Really?  Flowers and dinner make up for your Yakuza boyfriend pulling a gun on you and duct taping you?)

The last writer had obviously been watching his old Alias DVDs.  The whole looking for Shelburne thing was reminiscent of Sydney looking for the Man and it even ended the same way with both Steve and Sydney ending with the stunned look on their face and murmuring, "Mom?"  I wish I could screencap it because it would be the exact same look.

So, to sum up, the first half was at least original and twisty and kept me on the edge of my seat.  The second half was a bunch of people borrowing stuff from other shows and throwing it all together to see what would stick and hoping their audience didn't watch any of those other shows.

I'll still tune in for next season though.  McDanno is hard to resist.  Oh, and the Hawaiian setting as well.  One day, Hawaii, you and me . . .


Rhianna said...

I was on the edge of my seat during the whole show. I think I forgot to breath all through the first half. I was also a little confused over Kono chatting away on her cell with the boyfriend. Wasn’t he arrested in last week’s episode? And she’s just going to forgive him that easily for duct taping her up?

Charlie Moore said...

I am a huge Five-O fan. Remember watching the original with Jack Lord. But I also thought the season finale lacked continuity. However, like you Julie, I will be ready for another season.

Melanie Goldmund said...

Man, don't you just hate it when you're really looking forward to something and then it isn't as good as you'd hoped? I hate that, too.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Rhianna, you're RIGHT! He was arrested last eppy and his lawyer killed by Kono. Wonder how he got out that fast, or was he calling Kono from jail? Good catch!

Charlie, I didn't watch the original (but I remember the music!) but I've really loved the reboot. Hopefully next season will see the silly Shelburne thing wrapped up or over with. It's seriously detracting for me because it's not being written well. *sigh* Both Castle and H50 have issues with their over-arc. But I still love them. :)

Melanie, it's like that for me with books, too. I totally anticipate a book and then it is barely mediocre and I feel let-down. I hate that feeling. :( But in the grand scheme of things we still love the author, right? :)

Debra Erfert said...

I haven't gotten into Five-O, but I missed Castle this week. Was it on. I can't image you'd not TIVO that while watching the other. We watched Eureka last night. It's their final season, and I can't get them on the internet in reruns like I can with Castle.

Yes, someday we'll go to Hawaii and rent Susan Corpany Law Curtis's guesthouse. Since I basically never win drawings, we'll just plan a week's worth of her rates, or maybe go in with another couple and cut the cost in half.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

DEBRA! It was Castle's season FINALE last week! Don't tell me you missed it? That was monumental in the relationship department. And babystepping with the silly Mom Was Murdered over-arc. LOL Tell me you saw it!

Debra Erfert said...

OH!!! That's right!! I pulled that up on the Internet last Tuesday and watched all the kissy kissy smooching at the end. Sigh. . . It was about time!! Sorry . . . my brain is a little fried right now. lol.

LAWonder said...

Julie, I tried to post yours and Joyce's book on my Facebook but they didn't show up. I guess I don't know how to do it. Can you help?