Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Book Review And Giveaway!

Since Sarah Eden is one of my very favorite authors, I jumped at the chance to be part of the blog tour for her new one, Loving Lieutenant Lancaster.

Arabella Hampton has experienced a lot of loss in her life. When her parents die, she is put in the care of an aunt and uncle who make her life miserable. The only bright spot is her neighbor, an earl and his family of boys that live next door. But even that is taken away from her when the earl passes away. Years later, she now has the chance to be a lady's companion to the late earl's wife, and she eagerly accepts. But once she arrives, it's not clear exactly where she fits. And when a dashing stranger seems to understand how she feels, Arabella is drawn to him, especially since Linus Lancaster has also experienced loss in his life and is wondering where he also fits. But can she ever truly find the love and acceptance she's longed for? And will Linus allow Arabella into his heart?

I loved the characters in this book. Arabella was so relatable with her insecurities and trying to figure out her place in a world that didn't seem to have a place for her. Linus was a believable hero who really was trying to do what's best for everyone, even if it was at his own expense. I loved how these two dealt with each other and the twists and turns on their journey to love. One of the very best parts of the book, though, was seeing so many of the Jonquil family members and catching up with them, as well as the Lancasters. The Duke of Kielder also has a large role and I really loved seeing him and Persephone again. The secondary cast really adds another layer of depth to the already sweet and emotional love story of two wounded hearts finding healing, acceptance and love.

If you love sweet regency romance, you simply have to try Sarah Eden. She will pull you in and let you experience all the emotions of her characters as they find their happily ever afters.

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Here's the back copy:

Orphaned as a child, Arabella Hampton was the unwanted and unloved charge of a cruel aunt and neglectful uncle. The only light in her young life was the kindness of the Jonquil family, and she clung to the childish dream of someday living with them at Lampton Park. Now, years later, that opportunity is presented to Arabella in a most unexpected way: she is to be the lady’s companion to the dowager countess. As she takes up residence at the estate, the young woman soon finds that life at the Park is far more complicated than she imagined. The lines of her position are blurred, and she is neither family nor servant. So when the countess plans a grand house party, Arabella is content to hide in the shadows. But one gentleman sees her there.

Lieutenant Linus Lancaster has retired from the navy and is not looking for love, especially when he finds himself entangled in his sisters’ scheme to trap him into finding a wife at a house party at Lampton Park. Yet amid the festivities, he’s impossibly drawn to the dowager’s quiet companion, Arabella. Their regard for each other is undeniable, but they are haunted by their pasts. Can the two find a way to bridge their worlds?

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