Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Need a Fun Family Book? Wizard for Hire Spotlight

My husband and I love to read to our kids at bedtime and this is the perfect book for that! We are having so much fun learning more about Ozzy and Rin. Ozzy's parents have been kidnapped and he's living with a robotic raven named Clark (who steals all the scenes!) while Rin may or may not be a real wizard. There are a lot of questions still to be answered and Ozzy has a pretty important quest to go on. Our family can't wait for the adventure to really ramp up!

I'll let you know what we think when we're done, but so far, this book has been funny and clever and leaving everyone wanting to read just one more page!


You can download your copy here

Here's the back copy:

Fourteen-year-old Ozzy lives near Portland, Oregon, and is desperate for help. His scientist parents have been kidnapped after discovering a formula that enables mind control. Their work was so top secret Ozzy is afraid to go to the police, but without help, he fears he'll never find his parents. Then he stumbles across a classified ad in the local newspaper that says "Wizard for Hire. Call 555-SPEL." Ozzy has read about wizards in books like Harry Potter, but wizards couldn't actually exist today, could they? After Ozzy meets the wizard Labyrinth--aka Rin--he's even more skeptical.

Sure, Rin dresses like a wizard, but the short robe and high-top tennis shoes seem unorthodox, as does Rin's habit of writing notes on his shoes and eating breakfast for every meal. Plus, Rin doesn't even cast any magic spells, which means that the unexplained coincidences that start happening around Ozzy are just that--coincidences.

With the help of a robotic-talking raven invented by Ozzy's father, a kind and curious girl at school who decides to help Ozzy, and, of course, a self-proclaimed wizard who may or may not have a magical wand, Ozzy begins an unforgettable quest that will lead him closer to the answers he desperately seeks about his missing parents.

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