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Hawaii Five-O Recap & Review: The Ep Where Adam Freaks Out

This ep had a lot of odd emotion to it, but Eddie was in it and Odell, who definitely stole the show for me.

We start out with two masked people breaking into a chemical storage facility that has terrible security. Our masked duo manages to load up ten canisters of chlorine before a guard moseys through and catches them. But, he didn't bring back up and so our thieves easily knock him out and run away, barely getting the canisters on the truck and driving to safety. They take their masks off and surprise! It's Adam and Jessie. Now why would they be stealing chlorine gas? Hmmm... (Also, Adam is a really good thief with Hidecki's car and now chlorine gas. Where did he learn that sort of thing? Do they teach all the crime boss's kids to do that?)

Cut to the Blue Room of Doom where our team is gathering for a safety drill. McG has Eddie (awww), Jerry has his Doomsday Survival Pack, Tunior's on the floor, and Lou is in the suspect chair, but Danny strolls in late. Steve is annoyed and wants him to take the drill seriously, but Danny drones on about how the room won't withstand a nuclear attack anyway, and, if it does, there will be a nuclear winter and it would be worse than death to be stuck with them. Steve isn't impressed and tells him he's the opposite of a motivational speaker because, if it came down to that, they would rebuild. But, in the end, the rest of the team also wants nuke death, even Eddie. Poor Steve. (I'll rebuild with you, Commander!)

Danny and Steve go upstairs and are talking about the restaurant's books since Danny is giving Vito a per diem because he's "working." Steve points out how Vito's blown the budget on a statue, bribed an official, done things that aren't really working. Danny promises he'll be saying thanks for Vito on opening night. (Somehow I doubt that. Thankfully that's the only restaurant mention we get this ep. Whew!)

Adam is waiting for Steve in his office and shows him a newspaper headline (who buys newspapers anymore?) of the break in at IX Chemical and admits that it was him and Jessie. Hidecki has expanded his Yakuza crime arm and moved into meth production. But he chose NewbieJessie to restock the chlorine gas. (Why would he tell her to do that alone when he has a dozen men to do it? Same with the enforcer deal and having her go in alone. None of it makes sense. Well, except the whole plot point thing of having Adam be there with her. So, there's that.) Of course Adam tracked the gas to a meth house, but two canisters are missing and were sold. Adam is worried because those two canisters are enough to make a weapon to kill thousands of people. Steve doesn't look happy, but says he'll loop in governor and Adam should go fill in the team.

Next we see a bunch of arrests at the meth house while Lou and Adam look on from a vehicle. Adam's feeling guilty and worried, but Lou tells him to keep his emotions in check. (He definitely doesn't take that advice later on.) Lou and Tani get the head honcho meth guy Himoto into the Blue Room of Doom and Lou is telling him he got the affable members of the task force that will give service with a smile. Himoto doesn't want to talk, so he listens while they run down his crimes. He's pretty cocky that nothing they have will stand up in court, even with one of his crew confessing, so Lou says they'll just make sure Hidecki finds out and make him a marked man. With that threat, Himoto immediately caves and says he'll tell them where he dropped off the canisters and how it was to some haoles who looked like accountants or gym teachers.

And those four GasGuys are currently loading the stolen chlorine gas tanks, but these ones are super heavy and it takes three of them to load it. (Or, these GasGuys are wimps because even tiny Jessie could heft them!) One GasGuy drops it and the lid comes off. Gas starts to slowly leak out, but instead of helping their friend get away as quickly as possible, the other three GasGuys lock him in the truck instead. He is suffering, but they keep him in and listen to his screams. Ew. Five-O has arrived at the house and they go in with Danny at head. (Steve must still be looping the governor in I guess.) They find the van with the guy still inside but now the poor man has horrible boils, blisters, and burns all over him, but he's still alive.

The team watches the blistered guy get loaded into the ambulance and are theorizing that maybe the guy was trying to back out. Or, maybe he mishandled the tank and the other three guys leap out. (Yep, that's why they're an elite task force!) Danny is a tad worried about being exposed to the gas, but both Junior and a Hazmat lady reassure him. The team goes inside and while CSU gets prints, none are in the system. Thankfully the GasGuys left their laptop behind.

The hospital must be around the corner because Adam and Junior get there very quickly and call to say that the GasGuy is probably going to make it, but he's in a medically induced coma so they can't talk to him right now. Junior has the man's cell phone and wallet and they figure out his last call was to his wife, Denise. Lou and Tani go see her, but she doesn't know anything about what's happened. Once she listens to his last sad voice mail, she wants to go to the hospital, but they still need to question her. Turns out she has cancer and they don't have insurance. It's been hard but her husband has an online support group.

Jerry unlocks BurnedGasGuy's computer that shows internet searches for how much chlorine gas it would take to kill 200 people. So weird because it's specific and much smaller than an attack would be. Obviously they're trying to hold someone responsible for Denise's cancer. They look at buildings with similar schematics for an HVAC system like the one on the computer. There are hundreds. Adam is trying to get the doctor to bring BurnedGasGuy (whose name is Kevin) out of the medically induced coma, but the doctor is firm and says no. Adam pressures him with Junior and says that thousands could come to hospital like him. If he doesn't help, he'll have to live with that. The doctor is okay with living with that, apparently and still says no.

Oddly, it's decided that the whole thing is somehow related to the governor so they evacuate all buildings within six blocks of governor's office and use lots of police presence. Steve finally returns and comes into Danny's office. To sum up, it didn't go well with the governor, the doctor won't budge, and Adam is blaming himself. Jerry calls and says he found a subpage on Reddit, and GasGuyKevin and some others believe they are part of a cancer cluster and are talking about a class action lawsuit, using a lawyer Five-O knows. They head to a Law Library and find Odell. He gets introduced to Tani and seems impressed. He's trying to help out the little guy, but can't say much with attorney client privilege. They are all talking loudly and a woman asks them to be quiet and Tani is rude to her so Lou hustles them into the stacks for more privacy. (They're still in the library, though. I don't think the stacks is necessarily better, but oh well.) Odell tells them Kevin and his GasGuy friends wanted to sue Agrocore a company that makes GMOs and pesticides. They're convinced chemicals went into groundwater, but suing them would be like David taking on Goliath with no slingshots. A lawsuit could take years with no proof. Odell tells them that Agrocore lead counsel Marshall Friedkin (it sounds like they call him Freakin in the show, haha) threatened to countersue as long as the families went bankrupt, so they're mad at him and he might be their target. There are five corporate Agrocore offices, so Five-O is going to contact the governor's office to activate nuclear emergency drill at those offices. (I had no idea you could localize drills like that! Handy.)

The three remaining GasGuys pull up to an Agrocore office in a van. Lead GasGuy (named Doug) wants to go over the plan again, but the other two GasGuys want to bail. They don't want two hundred people going out like GasGuyKevin. GasGuyDoug (has there ever been a good guy named Doug?) wants Agrocore to pay. Don't forget what they did! The other two GasGuys are like nah bro, so GasGuyDoug goes in alone. Steve is racing to the scene with the alerts activated and Hazmat units headed to all five offices. People are slowly filing to the basement to gather in the Safety Drill Room. When Steve and Adam roll in, they can't find Freakin because, oops, he's at the corporate office downtown this week. (Dangit. I hate it when that happens.) They head over there.

Jerry calls a random lady to find out where Freakin is and lo and behold he didn't come down with everyone else since someone showed up to meet with him last minute. Steve and Adam go up to the  ninth floor, with that annoying siren going. They hear a gunshot and see GasGuyDoug running away. (He didn't even use the chlorine gas after all their efforts to research it, buy it, and get it ready to go!) Steve chases him, while Adam helps Freakin and calls for the paramedics. DidntUsetheGasGuyDoug is trapped and Steve doesn't want to shoot him so he says very nicely to put the gun down. If they're going to get justice for their families, DidntUsetheGasGuyDoug needs to stay alive. They walk out with DopeyDoug cuffed and Adam watches the lawyer loaded into the ambulance with a sad/worried/guilty look on his face.

Odell and some of the team meet in Steve's office to say that GasGuyKevin is coming out of his coma and GasGuyDoug is being arraigned. Odell is frustrated that so many regular people suffered and turned to system for help, but the deck was stacked. Steve tells them the State of Hawaii is launching a full investigation into Agrocore, so they're hopeful it will uncover the ammunition needed to get justice. Odell initiates a group hug and tells Steve his hair is a travesty. (It is. Can he grow it out now?)

Adam knocks at Jessie's door and she nervously gets her gun before she lets him in. He storms in and asks her why she didn't answer his calls and did she know what was happening today? She's worried Hidecki is watching. Adam is wrapped up in how they stopped a chemical attack today (although DidntUsetheGasGuyDoug didn't look like he tried to do anything with the tank, but okay.) Jessie had no idea and Adam asks whose side she's on. There was a gap in the surveillance tape she submitted and she admits that she was talking about something personal with Himoto. Adam guesses she's sleeping with him and tells her that's dangerous and stupid. She says it's not his business, she can handle herself, and if he doesn't like it he can get another CI. Adam leaves mad, peeling out. He's driving down the highway like a crazy person, thinking about everything that's happened with Hidecki and his "task force." He's pretty worked up and freaking out a bit, screaming in the car. It's a very strange scene and more than a little awkward, but that's the end!

So, a little twist in that there really wasn't a dirty bomb! Of course nothing turned out well for GasGuy Kevin who is scarred forever with chlorine gas burns and his wife has cancer. Oh, and Freakin was shot. But other than that, no one got hurt! For me, the highlight was Odell and Eddie.

Did you watch? What did you think?

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