Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Gerald Lund is a master storyteller of historical fiction and his book, To Soar With Eagles, demonstrates his expertise.

In this book, Mitch Westland and Edie Zimmer are trying to tame the land as they start their lives together in southeastern Utah. I love how Lund intertwines his fictional characters with the lives of real people. I feel like I know so much more history about the San Juan County area of Utah, but at the same time I was entertained and kept turning pages to see how it would all turn out for Mitch and Edie. They had to face so many challenges and heartache, I definitely wanted them to be able to have a family and a ranch to call their own. Their story jumps off the pages and Mitch and Edie were so realistically done it made you believe they really could have lived. Readers will feel like they've experienced the gamut of emotions right along with Mitch and Edie and are transported back in time as we find out whether they get their happy ending or not. And what a ride it is! 

The other thing I really enjoyed about this story was the notes at the end of the chapters. It was fascinating to read about the details from the actual accounts of the events included in the book.

Here's the back copy:

In the untamed and unforgiving desert of southeastern Utah, Mitch Westland and Edie Zimmer are among the Mormon settlers determined to make their homes amid the harshest of circumstances. Threatened by Indians, competing ranchers, and cattle rustlers, the young couple must prevail against man, nature, and their own fears in order to fulfill their dream of establishing a ranch—and a family—of their own. This sequel to the bestseller Only the Brave covers the time period of 1888 to 1919 and merges the story of Mitch and Edie with the author's continuing series Fire and Steel.

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