Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Sweet Christmas Experience

Today I got to witness something very special. My little girl's school class decided that instead of having a Christmas party, they would use donated funds and material to make fleece blankets for the residents of a care center who don't have families to visit them.
The teacher had the kids do cutting and sewing and they worked really hard the last few weeks to get enough blankets made. They put up a little sign on their classroom that said, "Santa's Workshop" and they were all so excited to be making something to give to others.

Today, the entire class walked over to the rest home and presented the blankets they'd made to the people there. Afterward, the children visited with the residents and sang Christmas carols for everyone in the home. Honestly, I could hardly hold back the tears with all the feelings of service and love in the room as those older ladies and gentlemen lit up with happiness as they interacted with the kids. 

As we all walked back to school, our hearts a little lighter and everyone wearing a smile, I couldn't help but think that my little girl's schoolteacher gave these children (and parents) a memory of service and of a sweet Christmas spirit that won't be forgotten.

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