Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Writer Goal Wednesday

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I was looking over the goals I had for this year and was pleasantly surprised to see I've accomplished a lot of them. I have several books out on Audible, I've put out my novellas, I'm about to have my new novel out, and it's just been a really good year. I learned a lot about marketing, presented at two writing conferences, and made some new author friends. To top it all off, I've nearly reached my goal of reading 115 books!

The thing that surprises me most about it all, though, is that I just did small little babysteps and they turned into some pretty big goals being accomplished. Of course I didn't do everything I'd planned, but if there's one thing I've learned about being a writermom, it's that I have to be flexible. There's always more goals to reach for.

I'm starting to write down my goals for 2016. I'd like to have a set publishing schedule for my projects next year, to keep going with getting my books out on Audible, and continue trying new marketing ideas. Obviously I'll have to get more specific to make them actual goals, but I've still got a few weeks to do that. Maybe I'll make one of my weekly goals writing down specific yearly goals. *grin*

What about you? How did you do on your goals this year? Are you thinking ahead to next year?

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