Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Stuck In A Snowbank

Since it's still Christmas vacation, I've still got all my family home. Today, however, I was going to escape the madness, . . . er, the wonderful together time, and go to lunch with my friend.  There has been quite a bit of snowfall lately, though, and the roads weren't great, but I wasn't worried. I was born in Canada! I can drive in all kinds of snow and still drink my hot chocolate in one hand!

Except for today.

My innate Canadian proficiency for driving in the snow took a big hit today when I went to pick up my friend for lunch. I pulled out of her driveway and the car slid on some ice and we ended in a snowdrift. It didn't look too bad, so I tried to back up and go forward to rock myself out of it, but that just slid me further into the snowbank and then I was really stuck. So, what else could I do but laugh and call my long-suffering husband and son? Thankfully they came and dug us out and we were still able to go to lunch. (I am a very lucky woman in the husband and son department).

When we were through with lunch and I dropped her off, my friend said, "Don't pull into my driveway again. Just let me off in the middle of the street." (I'm sure she didn't mean to stab me in the heart of my snow-skills driving confidence, but dang!) As I drove away, I was wondering what could have caused such a crazy thing to happen to this Canadian girl? Does living in the States slowly drain me of my winter driving skills every Canadian is born with? Is it because there are no Tim Horton's in my state, with their magical mystical donut holes?

Speaking of donuts, maybe I'll go do some in the school parking lot (make a snowman, if you get my drift.) ("Drift" see what I did there? Haha) just to be sure.

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