Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Books & Movies to Make Your Season Bright!

My family is so excited that Christmas is nearly here. Today I want to spotlight some Christmas books, movies, and a statue of Jesus that will enrich your family's Christmas experience.

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The first one is All About Christmas. and it is the ultimate in Christmas books. It has poems, scriptures, recipes, Christmas trivia, jokes, and Christmas traditions from around the world. I love that it had short stories, fun stuff to read as a family, and some traditions we could try in our family. So many things that can help you celebrate the spirit of the season.

Here's the back copy:

All About Christmas- This hard cover book is stuffed with stories, songs, poems, Christmas history, joyful traditions, recipes, and activities. This delightful book celebrates all things Christmas - from the sacred story of the Nativity to the lore of Saint Nick. 

You can buy your copy here for $19.99

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This one has a word and thought for each day leading up to Christmas. The inspirational thoughts also include scriptures and is a great way to count down to Christmas with your family.

Here's the back copy:

Words of Christmas: Savoring the True Meaning of the Season One Word at a TimeThis beautifully designed book takes a closer look at twenty-five words, like hope, faith and joy, that we hear throughout the holidays. 

You can buy your copy here for $14.99

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Christus Marble 3 inch statue

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It's a beautifully detailed Christus statue to remind you of the reason for the season. You can buy your own here for $9.95

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This one is a beautiful book of Janice Kapp Perry's songs, but it also includes amazing artwork and the inspiration behind the songs. Some of the behind the scenes brought tears to my eyes.  Definitely a special musical collection.

Here's the back copy:

A Songbook for LDS FamiliesA Songbook for LDS Families highlights eighteen beloved and well-known songs, as well as twenty-eight newly penned Book of Mormon hymns composed by Janice Kapp Perry with text by Bonnie Hart Murray. 

You can buy your copy here for $21.01

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This is a film directed and written by John Lyde of a crippled shepherd, recalling his father's account of seeing the angels and the Christ child on that first Christmas night. A sweet story for the whole family.

Here's the back copy:

No Ordinary Shepherd (DVD)- The young shepherd boy, has always treasured his father's tale of that starlit night filled with wonder of angelic heralds and a tiny Bethlehem stable sheltering the chosen Messiah. The young shepherd later encounters a miracle of his own. 

You can buy your copy here for $6.99

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This one is another sweet story about the Savior and reminds us of why we celebrate Christmas. A great family show that will touch your heart!

Here's the back copy:

He Knows My Name (DVD)- Rebekah is fascinated by the man her neighbors call Jesus. Her mother is not so sure. One day she brings Jesus home - a simple act that will forever change their lives. 

You can buy your copy here for $7.99

My family has enjoyed all of these things and I know it will add to your Christmas celebrations, too! (My daughter is still sitting next to me telling me the Christmas jokes out of the All About Christmas book as I write this. I think it's her new favorite Christmas book!)

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