Monday, April 27, 2015

The RONE Awards--I Need Your Vote!

The RONE awards are one of the most prestigious awards in the industry and I am so happy to say that my novel All Fall Down, won the RONE for Best Suspense/Thriller in 2012.  Of course, Pocket Full of Posies won Honorable Mention last year in the RONE Awards for Best Suspense and I couldn't be more proud.

This year, Ring Around the Rosie has passed the first stage of the RONE award process, and is now in the public voting round. I need your vote in order to go to the third and final phase of the award process. If I get enough votes, my novel will go to the final round and read by the judges to determine the winner.  So, how do you vote?

Go here, log in (it's free to sign up) and go to the Suspense category. Find your favorite author (which I hope might be me and my novel Ring Around the Rosie) and cast your vote! Easy peasy.

And please know how much I appreciate all your love and support of my writing over the years. I couldn't do it without so many loyal friends and fans!

I'll definitely let you know how it all turns out and if Ring Around the Rosie makes it to the next round! (Voting closes May 3rd).


Debra Erfert said...

i voted for your book. of course. I also listened to the audio excerpt you had for All Fall Down. Wow, that guy's voice is sexy. I could actually listen to a whole book with him talking gently into my ear. Good choice!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Thanks so much, Debra! You're awesome. I thought he had a really great voice, too. :)