Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Review: The Impossible Race

Our family has loved this series and we're so sad to see it end! Chad Morris has written a series that has it all---great characters, a riveting plot, and a really fun setting.

The Impossible Race is the third in the series and is about a race at Cragbridge Hall. The winner of the race gets a prize of a closely guarded school secret. Could it be one of their grandfather's secrets? Abby and Derick get a team together and enter the tournament, but things do not go exactly as planned.  There are so many great obstacles that require them to use their mind as well as their strength. I loved all the history that is intertwined because it never feels like you're "learning" it, the way it's presented is so clever and just part of what happens to the characters.  There's avatars and time travel and tons of action. So good! The ending is unexpected, but a perfect way to end the series.

All three of these books are ones that you'll want to have in your collection for sure! My son carried it around with him for days, wherever he went, until he finished it, it was that good.

Here's the back copy:

 Every year the futuristic school, Cragbridge Hall, holds its most popular tournament--the Hunt: a series of challenges that range throughout the school and require the use of its amazing inventions like its holographic time machine! But this year is different. Rather than a monetary or academic reward, this year's winner will be the recipient of a carefully guarded school secret: a secret that could prove both powerful and dangerous.

Afraid that the secret may be one of their Grandfather's inventions, Abby and Derick gather several friends and enroll. But when Derick gets a mysterious message from the future, the team of friends must figure out how to succeed even when they know they are destined to fail. The stakes have never been higher. A page-turning, time-travel adventure that teaches powerful lessons about choice and consequence, believing you can do hard things, and valuing our history.

You can download your copy here for $10.49

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