Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Write My Goals Wednesday

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So, last week I talked about what I'd accomplished so far in my writing goals.  Today I'd like to check in again with what I did to accomplish my goals in the last seven days.  Feel free to check in with your progress on your goals!

  • I have progress on my audio book (which I'll talk about tomorrow)  And this one is pretty exciting!

  • I am nearly finished the revision and edit of the first book I ever wrote, Through Love's Trials, and it should be ready for re-release next week!  Woohoo! This has been a project dear to my heart and has taken a lot of time and energy.  I have come so far from the writer I was when I wrote that book.

  • I have started writing the companion novella to All Fall Down.  Still in the beginning stages, but I like the direction so far.

  • I finished all the promotion stuff for All Fall Down that I was doing and feel like it was a success with the number of downloads and buzz that was generated.  I have a few new ideas for marketing that I'm going to try next month.

I'm really enjoying doing little babysteps to get me to my goals.  I work on one or two things each day and it really is adding up.  The revision and edit has taken up a lot of my time, but I know it will be worth it in the end. The story is so much stronger.  I'm excited for you all to see it!

How did you do with your goals this week?

photo credit: Celestine Chua via photopin cc


Jon Spell said...

I have bogged down in my goals, but not completely written them off yet. My Scrivener app is still open on my desktop, so theoretically, I could jump back into it at any time.

Doing ok on the water intake. ;)

Debra Erfert said...

Well, I have an editor lined up, as well as a cover artist to get my speculative series off the ground. But I'm kind of hanging in limbo right now, waiting to see if my publisher is going to pick up my last submission, (I've been waiting since September) or if I will be publishing a suspense line, too. Either way, I'm getting very excited, and very close into writing full time again. I've taken the last two months off while we moved to a new house, and sell our old one. It's under contract now, but isn't sold yet until we have a check in the bank.