Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Word Count Wednesday

This has ended up being an incredibly busy week for me! I've only been doing revision, so my word count is low, just over 700 words.  I'm consoling myself that any progress is good and this novella is going to be awesome and a lot better than it was.

After the last few days I'm realizing more and more that I really have to guard my writing time and sometimes no has to really mean no.  It's hard, though.  I want to help others, I want to check off everything on my to do list, but it's just not possible and I don't want it to be if I have to sacrifice my writing time.  I know I have to say no more often, for my own sanity's sake, but why is saying no so hard?

Anyway, how did you do? How's your week going?

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Debra Erfert said...

Revisions are very important, so don't beat yourself.

I only wrote 1,851 words this week. Life does get in the way.