Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Castle Review: Oh Canada!

We started out the episode with a "bang" when a rowing team finds a body wrapped in plastic. Gross.

Cut to Castle doing an interview about his new book and the interviewer ambushes him with questions about what happened during his disappearance. Was it a publicity stunt?  Castle looks surprised and a bit annoyed and says he can prove he wants to know what happened to him.  He offers $250,000 for a verifiable tip on where he was. Awesome.

So, Kate doesn't seem thrilled about the Castle lottery because of all the crackpots that come out, (and an awesome one totally does that thinks he and Castle were abducted by aliens. Seriously, funniest moment of the whole show! The look on Castle's face was priceless.)  But the team is on the case trying to figure out who the body belongs to that was fished out of the river.  They figure out that the dead man is Wally Williger, the CEO of a toy company.  They interview the wife who says Wally hadn't been the same since their dog died, working a lot of late hours, etc. Weird.

Gates isn't happy that Castle gave out the precinct number for his hotline, but Castle quiets her with a kiss. On the mouth. Again I say: Gross.  Gates looks pretty shocked, as does Beckett.  It's all in Castle's preemptive strategy apparently.  He's definitely still the same old Castle, whose logic is . . . well, let's just say . . . unique. But funny.

They head over to the CEO's office and Castle likes the toys everywhere.  He makes me laugh with his boyish excitement. The piano thing was my favorite, cliche, but still funny.  They question the VP and the assistant, but they say he wasn't staying late, but leaving early.  Where was he going?  Hmmm...

The boys find a burner phone and some keys in the deceased man's desk and find out Wally's dog was poisoned.  Castle says hey, maybe it was a fatal attraction thing and he was having an affair before his mistress went nuts and poisoned his dog.  Well, it is possible.  And I love Castle's theories. He just gets so excited about them!

Meanwhile, Castle and Alexis have been running down all the crackpot leads they've gotten. I liked Alexis in this episode. She seems back to normal after her disastrous boyfriend of last season. Yay! They do get a lead when a newlywed couple provides them with a picture of Castle in front of a bank talking to the guy who pretended to be Henry Jenkins last week.  Castle and Alexis head to the bank in Montreal Canada (a big yay! I love Canada!)  to see if the key sewn into his pants pocket fits into a safety deposit box at the bank.  It was intense waiting to see if Castle could really get into the safety deposit box with all his covert skillz.  He really is a clever man, and does it, only to find some memory cards for Alexis, his mother, and Beckett.  Which ended up being goodbye cards.  *sniff* Ryan says later it would be weird to watch videos you made but don't remember making, saying goodbye to people.  Yeah, it really would.

Beckett and Castle have the tech girl go over the video to see if they can glean any clues from it. Back to the case, Wally's phone records revealed a number on his burner phone and Caskett goes to visit the woman it belongs to.  They find her in her bed with her throat slit.  Oops, except it's just makeup (she's a theatrical makeup artist) and she's still alive. Freaky!  She tells them she was helping Wally with theatrical makeup to make him into an old man. This is getting weird!

The team finds Wally's apartment where, surprise! There's a dog.  And when that dog gets loose in the precinct, he sniffs out drugs.  Dun, dun, dun.  What was Wally into?  They go back to the toy warehouse and it all clicks together.  Drugs hidden in the red-headed dolls from China? Yep.  And who has ties to China? The assistant to Wally---Matt.  Our trusty team has figured out that Wally took one of the dolls when he was doing an inspection of the company warehouse and used it for a chew toy for his dog, which is what poisoned and killed the dog. So Wally went undercover to find out who was doing the smuggling and was killed for his trouble.  Be careful who you hire as assistants!  Beckett goes to arrest Wally's murdering assistant, but Castle stays behind, where he gets a clue on the video and heads back to Montreal.  Alone.  This can't bode well.

He goes to this creepy building alone and at night. Don't go in, don't go in! But he does.  And while he's there a man with a gun confronts him and tells him he shouldn't be there, he wasn't supposed to come back.  He tells Castle that they went to great lengths to take away his memories, that Castle asked them to so he wouldn't remember.  (Did that remind anyone else of Alias when Sydney asked to have her memories removed?)  Castle doesn't believe him until the guy says he knows what happened when Castle was eleven years old and that's the proof that Castle asked him to take his memories away because no one else would know about it.  Oh and whatever it is is what made Castle become a writer.  (That line was really awkward, though, like they just needed to get it in somehow. But, at least we got the information I guess.)

Castle goes back and tells his family about it.  He's not sure what to do now.  Caskett discuss it and Beckett compares it to her search for her mother.  Maybe they just have to let it go.  Castle suggests they get married in the morning, but she says they need more time.  They agree to give it a month. Awww, I love them. I hope we do get a November wedding.  And I loved that Laney and Esposito are back together again. And that Martha found a new man at her grief counseling group.  Now if only Castle can stay out of sight for a while so she can continue the relationship and her "grieving ways."  Haha.  So sweet in a Castle family way, you know?

Did you watch? What did you think?


Jon Spell said...

I thought the weekly mystery was very intriguing and kept us guessing. Lots of twists and turns. And yes, Mr. Aliens was very funny.

And we thought it foolish for Castle to go back to Montreal by himself - I mean, when will he learn?!? (Never, apparently.) I don't really see how Castle can trust this guy, since all we know about him is that he threw Castle under the ... tent. I mean, if he really can erase memories (which I have serious doubts about) could he not somehow drag this memory out of Castle under drugs/hypnosis? Don't trust him! Trust Kate! =P (Also, the guy held a gun on him. Why?)

Last note: I really liked Alexis's shirt, the sort of bluey camo. Very pretty.

Debra Erfert said...

MIssed it. Thanks for the update.

Jon, stop looking at Alexis's shirt!